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It's about a year ago when I came across this site and learned that the thing that was bugging me from the onset of puberty was called gynecomastia. It felt very liberating and I also learned about the possibility of surgery.

I read the many stories on this site, gathered all my courage, told my girlfriend about my condition, told the doctor, went for a consultation, and finally booked the surgery.

The surgery was performed at the beginning of october last year. I'm from the Netherlands, but I decided to go to a specialist abroad (after reading a lot of positive things about him here).
When I woke up from the surgery, I was told I developed a hemeatoma on the left side.
The sides were uneven (assymetrical) and the surgeon told me that the left side would take a lot longer to heal. Finally it will evem up with the right side.
So there I was, just paid about € 4000,- on a surgery, the result was a fabulously looking right side and and a left side which was not very nice.

I waited about 5 months, the sides were still uneven. All swelling was gone and it didn't hurt (Actually after a couple of weeks it stopped hurting completly). Bottom line was that there was fat left in on the left side, which was very noticible for me, especially when wearing a t-shirt.
I booked a postop consultation and expressed my negative feelings about the left side to my PS. He acknowledged that I needed a revision surgery on the left side.

I had the second surgery the a couple of days ago. Apart from a slight difference on the border of the two breasts the left side looks exactly the same as before the op! The PS and I agreed that the difference with the right side was on the left side of the breast. This is exactly the same as pre-op. I doesn't hurt at all on that side, it isn't swollen, which to me suggest that a liposuction needle wasn't anywhere near that place during the surgery! To sum up: the left side now looks a little better that after the first surgery, but not much. It is still uneven with the right side and it is still noticible!

At the moment I feel cheated, depressed and broke from the costs of two surgery's. I expected a hemeatoma could occur again, I expected that he could take to much fat from the left side, but what I never expected was that he would again take to little fat from the left side. truly unbelievable!

If I had known in advance that this was all that would result from the second surgery I would have never have it done. Op top of that strange ducklike noises came from the chest when I was massaging it this morning, very eerie and it almost made me sick. Yesterday I was truly depressed and felt I could cry all the time. Now I've decided that I'm going to make an appiontment with a specialist here to ask his or her opinion about the matter. In a while I'm sure I'm gonna need a third surgery to even up the sides, something I had never expected.

I think I may be comfortable with wearing a t-shirt this summer, but I won't go topless, definitly not.
So if you're deciding to go to surgery be very picky about your surgeon and the things he says he can do.

Sorry about the depressive rant, but I had to let it out.
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That sucks man. Do you have any before and after pics you can post?

A little asymmetry is something I'd personally accept if it meant getting rid of two lumps sticking out through my shirts. That's just me though, and I guess it depends on how bad the results are.

Also don't apologize about the rant, that's what this section is for and raises awareness of the possible side effects of surgery.

I'm sure with a good specialist doing revision you'll get what you want.

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Well, my frustration is getting down a bit.
I try to post some pictures soon. Probably you won't see the assymetry very well from the pictures, and I guess a lo of people will say that my chest looks good.
Don't get me wrong, I think my chest looks better, but I just feel cheated.
We (the PS and I) agreed that a revision was necessary and that there was more volume on the the left side, especially on the left side of the left chest.

There was no liposuction done on this area, I just can't believe it! I can pinch the skin there without feeling any pain, or soreness, it just looks exactly the same as preop!
Offcourse I can live with a slight assymetry, but the PS just didn't do what he said he would do. The difference with the situation before the second surgery is so small. The area's that concerned me the most were left untouched. In the meanwhile I'm almost 1000 euro's lighter and had to make a energy consuming trip abroad with all the lies that come with that.

Anyway, I will post pictures, probably later this day. Can someone give me some tips on exacly how to do that?


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