Author Topic: Surgery done on August 26th, 2013 by Dr. J. B. Ratti.  (Read 4104 times)

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Got my surgery done on 26th by Dr. J. B. Ratti (New Delhi, India.) at his clinic. Its just been 48 hrs only and i saw my chest today, I was amazed at the results and would like to share my experience.

I went to meet Dr. J.B. Ratti a week ago but unfortunately he was busy in surgery so I met Dr. Neeta Ratti (His wife). I showed her my gyno problem and she immediately told me that yes I do have glands present. She was very professional and answered all my questions about surgery and results I can see afterwards.

Surgery confirmation date.
After couple of days I went again to give advance payment of my surgery and confirmation of my surgery date. This time I met Dr. J.B. Ratti and he examined my Gyno and answered all the doubts I had. My blood test was done and next day test results were good so it was time to get these glands ripped apart.

Surgery Day (August 26th, 2013.).
I went in afternoon at 2:00 PM, was made to change to usual green surgery attire with nothin under it (This was my first surgery in life and didn't know we go in OT completely naked, it was kinda embarrassing).
They injected some liquid on both sides of my chest and it went numb, I felt everything what was being done but there was no pain, I knew when was liposuction done, when incision was made, when they cut my glands and when they stitched it, all with no pain. What I did not know was tht they inserted small tubes on both sides of my chest which I came to know today when they were taken out.

Saw my chest first time today and the results are astonishing and unreal, I workout a lot and have good muscular built, was always concerned abt my puffy nipples but now they are gone. Its just been 2 days and Im more than happy with the results.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. J.B. Ratti of vital clinic.

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How much did you have to spend at various stages ?. What was your experience the same day and the next day ?

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Are you satisfied with the results? Can you post some before and after pics? I could be wrong but it looks more like an Advertisement by Dr. J.B Ratti.


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