Author Topic: Surgery Experience in Tijuana,MX with Dr.Salas July 30th,2012  (Read 2634 times)

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I finally did it . Dr.Salas was running a $1500 promotion for July and I read a couple stories on here about him being really good as well as the facility being really nice. Well I found out this past Monday that it was all TRUE! I took a Flight from Laredo,TX to San Diego,CA and I paid $120 round trip from the Airport to the Clinic in Tijuana.I Got the the Clinic at about 8am.I filled out Paperwork,got checked out by Dr.Salas, later I changed into the Garment and Got my I.V. at about 10am I was being Operated on. I was awake during the Operation but couldn't feel any pain...Just tugs here and there . I was shown the Massive Gland they pulled out and just thought "finally". After that I rested a bit there and decided to stay at the Grand Hotel Tijuana which is right across the street and you can travel through the lower levels of the building since they are somewhat linked together ,which i thought was even better. They booked it for me and I paid about $70. Nice hotel too . Next day the 31st I had drains removed and put the Vest on and Flew back home. Here are my 1 day results! I'm really looking foward to getting back in the gym and healing. I recommend DR.SALAS 100%. My life is back and I paid about $2300 in total for flght/operation/food/hotel etc...His normal Price is about $1800 ..the $1500 promo was only for July. Get it done Gents!


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