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I wanted to share my experience with Kaiser because I've seen so many different experiences and I never knew what to expect with mine.

Background: I'm 17 and am in Southern California. I'm covered by Kaiser and have been since birth. From what I can remember, I've noticed my breasts unusually large since I was about 12. I'd brought it up to my PCP (primary care doctor) and she said that puberty was responsible and it'd go away within 2 years. Moving forward, I'm 17 now and it's gotten worst. My nipples are very puffy and you can see them through shirts and sometimes even hoodies. I definitely always avoid pool/beach interactions because I'm so self conscious about it. I'm never shirtless because of it.

Finally in January 2016 I decided to bring up my concerns with my PCP. She seemed to take more concern this time because it had been several years and obviously the problem hadn't gone away. She had me do blood work to see how my hormones were doing and I'd get a call back in a few days when the results were in. Two days after I got a call saying everything was in order and my PCP had recommended me to a plastic surgeon specialist. I called member services to make the appointment and I got it within a week for the general consultation.

I went to the consultation alone because finding a time for my parents to come that also worked with me was impossible.  Short wait, nurse took my vitals (BP, height, weight, etc.) and told me the doctor would be in shortly. The doctor was very professional and asked me some questions, like if I feel tenderness in my breasts or pain. I occasionally felt tenderness but not pain. He then said he was going to take a look at my breasts, and I could either put on a gown or remove my shirt, whatever I was more comfortable with. I took off my shirt and he asked me to turn to see different angles of me. He told me that I would be a good candidate for plastic surgery and asked if I would be interested. Obviously I accepted. I then asked if Kaiser would be covering the surgery. He replied that it is medically necessary to perform the surgery and I would not be there if I was not covered. He put in the request for surgery and he told me I would get a call back in a few days to schedule it.

Now the hard part, actually scheduling the surgery. I never got a call from the office to schedule it. I ended up calling them to find out that the doctor was booked through May and his June schedule had not yet opened up. They told me I still had people ahead of me to be scheduled and they would call me when they were ready. (keep in mind this was in January...). Moving forward, I never got a call until March. They told me that July was open. I selected July 8, 2016. I was a bit annoyed with how long I had to wait from consultation to surgery...but hey the date is almost here. I also want to mention that they called me in mid-May saying that they had a date open up because of a cancellation but it was for the following day. I didn't take it because I had already scheduled my time off work for July. But yeah, there's sometimes dates up for grabs.

Anyway, tomorrow is my surgery! I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.

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How did your surgery go and who was it with?


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