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I suffered with Gynecomastia since I was about 14 years old and didn't even know it was an actual conditon until about 2 years ago. I thought, probably like most people, it was just extreme case of man boobs, although I should of thought different a lot earlier since every training regime and diet I tried had never worked. Ever.

I would get myself to a fairly reasonable shape for every summer, except for my pointy, puffy nipples that just wouldn't go away. It wasn't until I researched a lot more and seen other stories online with people who have went through the same hell as me for years, that I finally understood that I had Gynecomastia.

After the realisation that the only possible way for this to dissapear for good was surgery (don't let anyone tell you otherwise, no supplements or diet or training regime will magically cure it, it's a gland below your nipples that physically can not be reversed or removed without surgery, sorry!) I finally went to a doctor to hopefully be reffered to surgeon. It wasn't as simple as that, of course. I needed various visists to different doctors in UK to assess all avenues what they could try and do. It seemed the only option was to go to a private which would of cost me nearly £5000 (Which I was willing to pay) that was untill one of my girlfriends clients told her that her boyfriend was going through the exact same situation as me and had been to Wroclaw in Poland for his surgery and he couldn't reccommend it enough.

So I decided to go home that exact night and do a bit of research on the clinic, which was founded by a surgeon from Poland named Adam Kalecinski. After reading numerous reviews and stories regarding Adam I felt it was the right time to finally bite the bullet and get my surgery done. The breast reduction surgery costs £1400 (£3600 cheaper than UK) this includes removal of the gland and also lypo suction removing the fat.

I sent an email to book my surgery date in January and the only availability they had was April 16th. (last week) so I went ahead and booked. I can honestly say I'm now 25 and I've never made a better decision in my life.

Wroclaw, Poland:

I arrived at Wroclaw at about 9:30am and was greeted at the airport by a lovely woman called Anna who was my (free) taxi from the airport to the clinic, I then went straight to reception where I filled out a psychiatric form and a medical questionairre.

Then about 11:30am I was greeted by Adam for a consultation, who was very nice and reassuring and he explained what the surgery would intail and how long I would be asleep for etc. I then had to sign a declaration form, incase anything happened on the operating table etc. even after all this, you can choose not to have your surgery, I didnt pay for the surgery untill about 5 minutes before I was showed to my room.

12:30pm: I was shouted to have my bloods taken, this took no longer than 5 minutes (this costs an extra £20)

1pm: I was shown to my room, where there was a garment and slippers ready for me on the bed, I  then took a shower as they confirmed my surgery would be at around 3pm. This is of course when your start to feel nervous and anxious.

1:15pm : Nurse enters the room to apply a drip as I haven't eaten or drank anything since 11pm the night before.

3pm: After what felt like a lifetime, Adam finally enterered and marked on my chest where the incision's would be made and gave me a 15 minute warning, I was more than ready at this point.

3:30pm: I was escorted to the operating room, I lay on the table in the position of a cross, had my pressure taken, nurses asked me a few necessary questions, then was asked to breathe in the gas and air, after about 5 seconds of breathing in, that's all I can remember, I was out like a light.

5:30pm: I woke up in my room I was allocated too, it was over. I layed there for a good few hours in total elation, I had finally had it all removed, I was so happy (I'm still smiling writing this) I felt hardly no pain at all, just a tad bit of discomfort.

I then had to stay the night without any food and very little water incase they had to reoperate, I also needed to be asessed the morning after. The nurses came in the middle of the night to apply a painkilling drip, this was not long after I started to feel a bit of pain but nothing excruciating, it was bareable especially after the painkillers.

6:30am Then the morning came, the nurse brought me a jug of water and a tub of porridge, which was delicious (it may of been because I was hungry) then about 9:00am, my girflriend came to visit and after being assessed, I was able to leave. (with a huge smile on my face)

I purchased a tight compression vest from reception for £60 which up to now is worth every penny. You have to wear this for 6-8 weeks.

I'm now in my second week and actually went back the gym today to do a bit of light cardio (bike and uphill walk on treadmill) I wouldn't reccommend doing anything in the first week as it can cause bleeding internally if you over exert yourself.

As I mentioned, this is the best decision I've ever made. I can not wait for summer this year after looking forward to it being over every other year.

This is my brief story, I hope it helps anyone reading it guys, if anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask, thank you.



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