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On my journey I have found the difference between Friends and acquaintances. 
Friends will stand beside you even if they don't comprehend your decisions whereas acquaintances will take a side according to what "they believe" is the correct choice. 
Many of my friends knew that I had breast tissue growth for many years but didn't feel the need to mention it to me. Now that I have embraced it and no longer make any attempt at "hiding" my breasts, they are more open to talk about it with me. 
One friend of mine asked me why I gave up concealing them. I simply said that it really wasn't working anyway. Surgery isn't an option, and I have learned to love my breasts. 
He doesn't understand where I'm coming from however respects my decision. No teasing or rude remarks at all. I have several friends like this. 

Others that I have talked about it with have resorted to teasing and laughing about it. One of them actually reached out a grabbed a handful as I went by one day. Those are acquaintances, they are not friends. 

When the chips are down, your true friends will still be there with you. 

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Our particularity is like divorce, it allows you to sort out the real friends and the others.....


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