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I am 35 years old.  I've had man boobs moobs whater ever you want to call it since I can remember.  I've been looking at the pics on the pages and realize I have a pretty severe case.  I have no photos to post because my shirt doon't come off were there is a camera.  When I was younger I always figured I would learn to accept my condition as I got older.  that has not happened.  my discomfort only gets worse as i get older.  I recently had a consoltation done and am finding it hard to spend $6000 dollars on a procedure.  after much debate i think i'm going to have the procedure done.  It will either be the best money I ever spent or a huge waste.  The doctor said he would use lipo along with gland removal.  I guess I'm looking to hear from people who had the procedure done and how satisfied they are with the results.

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Hi rlc.  You sound kinda split right now.  If spending that amount of money seems in any way precarious with your current surgeon, don't let this surgeon operate on you.  You need to know that you ARE going to get your money's worth.  If this surgeon doesn't seem like he's worth the 6,000 dollars don't hesitate to walk away.

Have you thought at all about traveling to another surgeon's office to consult?  On this website there is a directory where you can find a whole bunch of HIGHLY recommended surgeons all around the U.S. and even Canada.  Most don't charge much more than you're willing to spend too (5 to 6,000).  Where are you located?

Finding a promising surgeon plays a huge role in how you feel about your results.  I learned this after going with the first surgeon I met who seemed highly qualified.  He WAS highly qualified but did not perform a lot of gynecomastia surgeries.  So the results I was left with aren't exactly great, but they are very close to what I want.  Another operation is unnecessary for me right now.  Maybe in the future.  But I can so easily live with my body right now after just the one procedure.  It is worth it.

Just take the time to find a good surgeon.  I can't stress that enough.
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