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Hey everyone, I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but I guess this is my introduction post! I've had gyno every since I remember being even somewhat slightly concerned about what my body looks like. Up until I joined this forum, I thought it was a severe case, but after seeing what some other people on this forum suffer with, I realize it could be worse. I'm 21 and I've had this condition ever since I can remember. I haven't taking my shirt off in front of anyone except immediate family, well, pretty much ever. I'm very insecure about it as I'm sure a lot of other are as well. I relish the days where I can wear a jacket or something to hopefully hide it and make it less obvious.

I've heard from countless people that "It'll just go away when you're done growing" and it's been here for a decade and shows no signs of slowing up, so I started taking active measures to reduce it. At first I tried losing weight to get rid of it, I went from 265 at my heaviest to now my current weight, which is 215. Ironically enough I think it looks even worse now that I'm less fat. (I wasn't severely overweight to begin with, I'm just 6'6" so I weigh more than average) after that didn't work, I tried running a cycle of pharmaceutical grade Letrozole. For those who don't know, Letrozole is one of the most intensive aromatase inhibitors you can get your hands on. From what I understand it stops estrogen productions to almost nothing while you're taking it. I did 2.5mg a day for a month, and I had all the side effects of reduced estrogen (decrease of libido and lethargy)...everything but reduction in gland size. I saw no noticeable decrease in my gyno.

So that's what brought me here, I read that the only almost certain sure-fire way to rid myself of it is to go under the knife. I'm here to get information on my condition in general, and hopefully get some guidance as to what steps I need to take in order make surgery a possibility. I come from a very poor background, so paying out of pocket isn't an option, I can barely afford car insurance, much less a cosmetic surgery. But I do have insurance through my step father who works with the state, and hopefully that's a route I pursue. If I've left any vital information out, please let me know so I can make the proper corrections. I'm going to include some pictures because that seems to be the norm here, and I actually feel comfortable sharing them since I know everyone here shares the same problem.

Thanks for taking the time out of the day to read my post, you all seem like a wealth of educational information.

Edit: For whatever reason, I can't upload the pictures via attachment, so I've uploaded them to Imgur, it's a well known photo hosting site, so hopefully posting the link isn't against the rules. Apologizes in advance if it is.,SJFCTgG#0

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Welcome to the forum.
I checked out your photos and you indeed have a mild to moderate case of gyne, together with puffy nipples.  And as you have surmised already, the best and only treatment for this is surgery.
Would strongly recommend that you take your time, check out several plastic surgeons in your area and try, if possible, to find a plastic surgeon with significant interest and experience in gyne surgery.
I don't want to put too much of a damper on your zeal but just realize that it is rare that insurance will cover this surgery.
Good luck and keep in touch with your brethren on this site.
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