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Interesting that the 'type' of sports bra has quite a bit of difference in support. 

A 2007 study found that encapsulations type sport bras, in which each cup is separately molded, are more effective than compression-type bras, which press the breasts close to the body, at reducing total breast motion during exercise. Encapsulation bras reduce motion in two of the three planes, while compression bras reduce motion in only one plane.

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For me, I find encapsulation gives the best support and more importantly, containment. When I first started wearing a bra and began exercising, I bought a pull over sports bra. I quickly found that wasn't enough support or containment to keeping things secure. I bought a second sports bra and wore both trying to get better support and containment. Through the compression I get better support but I now had two flattened cylinders bouncing up and down as I moved. I added a third sports bra to try and stop the movement, but the compression got so bad that within 15 minutes, my nipples were screaming and I still had unacceptable movement.

I went to my fitter and explained the situation and she said I needed encapsation instead of compression. Actually she said I needed a hybrid of both compression and encapsulation. The encapsulation to give a natural shaped cup framework to completely encase or encapsulate each breast and hold it in position during extreme movement, and compression, once clasped, on the band to anchor not only the band from extreme movement but also to anchor the base of the cups to my chest to allow the stitching in the cups that was acting as a scaffolding to transfer the movement of my breasts to my rib cage to keep them in proper position. I bought two.

This bra is very industrial strength. It fights your every movement but in a good way. And is very comfortable to wear. I showed it to a friend of mine and she was so funny. She faind  disguste at the sight of it and then said, "where can I get one?!"

The only "drawback" it leaves no doubt what you have on top. But if you are larger up top, it's what you need.
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The SA at Torrid tried to sell me one. She said I really needed it for my size.
I did like it, but assumed it would be too hot for summer. My last compression garment left me recovering from blistering rashes. Apparently I have sensitive skin.
I might try one next winter as things cool down temperature wise.
I stuck with the underwire tshirt bras that provide plenty of support without much compression for now. 🤔

Sports bra the SA recommended in image below:

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I’m using a medium weight pullover bra to corral the girls now that I’m working again. The compression is bearable but the uniboob weight is more noticeable and bouncier. 

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I am still wearing my Hanes pullover sports bras.  Not the same ones, of course.  They still handle my "C" boobs just fine.  No longer running after knee surgery, but they do well with walking and biking.


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