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I would like to know the reasoning behind why you wear a bra, not just that it's comfortable. Or the size of your breasts. The doctor the other day told me that I needed to wear a high impact sport bras for a few weeks because I strained my Cooper ligaments. It was to let them heal and then he said after that I need to wear a bra regularly to support them so it didn't happen again. I did think something like that was possible my breast are very small. If I had to put a size to them maybe aa or a max. When I told my wife about having to wear a bra she was really upset. Any help in this area would be great to. Thank you


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Let me startout by saying bras are for breasts. I'm a married man who has worn a bra for almost 30 years now. I'ma man with severe gynecomastia ( meaning female like breasts on a man ). I wear a 36G in most of my bras. I don't go bra less.
A bra helps keep breast tissue from moving excessively.  There is no medical evidence that says you need to wear a bra. However you will probably be more comfortable while wearing one given your condition. Even at my size, I don't need to wear a bra. However I am much more comfortable while wearing one.

A bra should provide physical comfort to you. That's why so many women wear one (and for modesty reasons as well ). I know that the bra  may cause you to feel uncomfortable, mentally. Women don't experience this because it's normal for them while it seems emasculating to us. I certainly to terms long ago that I wear a bra for me and nobody else. I wear it because I am more comfortable with one than without one.

You should at least try wearing a bra. You won't turn into a woman as soon as you put it on. If it works, great. If it doesn't, than at least you tried to follow your doctor's advice.
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Even small breasts can and do bounce under the right conditions, you most likely have felt it. Rough roads are the worst and depending on your activity level and type of activities stretching can cause damage to the connective tissues in and around the breasts.
Your wife needs to get on board with the simple fact that men can and do develop breasts for a wide range of reasons. If you have breasts you will need some form of support, compression sports bras are a good start.
How you deal with your wife is your affair, I cannot advise you because I am not nor have I ever been married or in a relationship lasting longer than 6 months.
Many men on this forum have the same issues with their wife.


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Joe9840 said:

If I had to put a size to them maybe aa or a max.

With this small of a size, I would think a compression t-shirt would be sufficient to keep them in place in the vast majority of situations.

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I don't regularly and I never did wear one regularly.   I enjoy mountaineering and the bounce was especially annoying. I wore a Bra when engaged in that activity to stop the annoying bounce.   Now as I am less physically capable due to age, I have only rare occasion to wear some sort of containment garment. 
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My back hurts if I dont wear a bra, as do my boobs if they bounce too much. I am a C cup though.


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Being a 46H I should wear one all the time! I've been more disciplined about wearing one everyday lately because I've been getting the red rash under the BIG fold, so Bobby has been much better about putting on his bras!

Truth is I do feel better with on one, I just haven't got into the habit of putting it on even after all these years! I need to buy more and at $60-70 each it doesn't excite me much, I'd rather buy tools, guns or ammo and fishing stuff not bras!

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "not just that it's comfortable ".   I first purchased a bra to see if it help with the pain in my breasts.   For the record I'm in my late 60's , am 6'4" weigh 205# , measure 39" under bust and 43" across and have taken a calcium channel blocker, for the past 6 months and have recently lost about 40#. At a recent Dr. appointment I mentioned the soreness/pain .  My Dr. diagnosed the gynecomastia and the need for a mammography in the future and possible surgical options.  At no time did she mention the option of a bra or compression garment.  In that case consider yourself fortunate.  After the confirmation that it truly is gynecomastia I decided I needed to do something about the pain since this wasn't just fat that would go away.  I tried a Hanes Cozy bra and a genie bra. They stretch to fit and have given enough support to provide relief from the pain.   So in my case until I can figure out if the cause is from medical/ hormonal inbalance or strain from bounce due to weight loss, I don't care the bras offer relief and comfort.


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I wear a 36A and fill it quite comfortably, i don't spill out of it and it's not completely full as in, certain movements space is created between breast and cup. I don't wear one hardly ever unless I go for a long run which I do weekly as I'm avid in it and enjoy the challenges of distance running. When my chest initially began growing some tissue I went to the Dr and he to felt around and discussed that it was breast tissue and asked if it made me uncomfortable or sore, at the time, no. But now that they have grown from slight tissue before, to now in the matter of a few years since then, for no known cause, to a full a cup, I find the bouncing when I run distracting and uncomfortable. So I wear sports bras and every now and a then I wear regular ones around the house.
Like your wife, my wife is not thrilled that I have them and far as she knows, as it's been a good year since she knew I wore one, and doesn't go through my drawers, probably thinks I threw them all out. I respect her dislike to my desire to wear a bra for comfort, and unless my breasts grow further in to full b/c range I can't really argue it's necessary since majority of women I know with smaller breasts openly admit to wearing bras cause a)they are women and b) it gives them shape even though their breasts are not shapely. 
The bra is definitely definitive to women as a garment solely for women. As women are generally the ones with breasts sizable enough to require a garment for stability and comfort in the chest. However, if it is causing you pain then just wear one. I wear barely there bras and order a size up so if you are an a order a b if you get one cause they are snug but very comfortable and breathable. Also perhaps go back to the dr and just ask for a dr slip to suggest a bra. I feel if a woman sees that a medical professional advises it, they may dislike it, but they will respect it. Vs their husband going dr said i gotta wear a bra, i feel most women would just see that as suspicious. Cause yeah, women don't get it

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Interesting discussion!
I will add a couple points from my perspective.
When I was advised by my doc to get some support for my developing breast, I had "the discussion" with my wife.  I not only told her what our doc said, but I also went ahead and took some pictures of my breast, and went online to this site and compared my situation to others that were in same shoes.  That went a long way to convince my wife- she did agree to the obvious at that point, but was not that happy about it, but did support (no pun intended) my decision.  I did get a professional fitting and have been wearing bras since.
The other point I want to make is that on a larger guy a B or C cup is a lot of breast tissue to support.  Keep in mind, that the sister size cup volume keeps going up as you go down in size. IE A 40 B is same volume as 38C or 36 D or so they say.  The point, if you are 40 or above in band size, a B or C cup is a lot of breast tissue to not support, and if allowed to move around, very well could cause muscle strain!
And finally I want to reiterate what others have said here, time and time again.  A Bra is just a piece of clothing used to support breast tissue.  It is not genetic in function.


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A bra to me, is just something that I have to wear. OK, I don't HAVE to wear a bra. But then again, I don't have to wear shoes either because shoes are not medically necessary either. Going braless is for me is uncomfortable, unattractive, and unhealthy. I'm in a 36H, 36I in most of my bras. Without one, I end up with lots of boob sweat and boob rash. Wearing a bra is just something you do when you have breasts.


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