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Hi Folks,

This report is long overdue. I hope this report can help other people the same way this forum and the reports found here helped me understand gynecomastia and my options with or without it. I'm glad that I chose without. Life is definitely better and it feels like a "load off of my chest"!

Before: I discovered this forum sometime in 2015. Used to actively read reports and experience of other members. I had finally found a place where I could understand my problem and was relieved to know that I was not alone, and that there was hope. I started going through posts, one by one, understanding the pros and cons of going under the knife. I was also a little skeptical about the overall result. What if the surgery made things worse than before!? But wearing XL tees and being body conscious was taking a toll on me.

I came across a few posts on Dr. Prashant Yadav who was doing gyneomastia surgeries in Pune back then. The reports were mostly positive and the added advantage (maybe risk) of a low cost surgeon motivated me to consult him. It was 2017 by now and Dr. Prashant had expanded to multiple cities including Delhi, under the name of Dezire Clinic. I went and met the doctor in person around August 2017. He classified my condition as a Grade 2A. Told me that it would be a day long procedure and I would be back to normal the next day. The price quoted to me was approx. 76k (including surgery cost, meds, compression garment). Compared to some of the other reports I had read, I felt the price wasn't unreasonable but I was in no rush to get the surgery, so I decided to try my luck and negotiate the price a bit. After some back and forth between the sales guy at the clinic and me, we agreed on a significantly lower price, in the range of 50-60k . I decided to go ahead with the surgery and chose a date in the month of Oct 2017. I was told to get a bunch of tests done which I did from another clinic.

Surgery Day: The surgery was scheduled for 10:00 am. I don't remember but I think I was asked not to eat or drink anything 8-10 hours prior to the surgery. Showed up with my test reports which were looked at by the doctor and given the go-ahead. Was taken into a private room where another doctor made markings on my chest and took photos. I changed into the patient robes and was escorted into the surgery room. The room was quite small or so it felt because of the nurses, ward boys, doctors and equipment that filled it. Was asked to lie down on the bed and relax. The anaesthesiologist was a kind lady who asked me a bunch of general questions and put the IV in. She kept rubbing my hand and said I'd start feeling drowsy soon. I was out in a few minutes. During the surgery I did partially wake up once but my whole body was numb and I couldn't move at all and felt the doctors working on my chest. I didn't feel pain or anything and was out again. After the surgery, I was woken up and felt way too drowsy to do anything. I think the compression garment was already on me by then. I was shown the glands and fat that they had removed. Post this I was taken to a separate room to rest for a while and I quickly fell asleep. I was woken up again after a few hours and asked if I want to go home. I decided to go home and sleep it off. There was no pain, just intense drowsiness. I don't even remember the cab ride back home. I was given medicines and follow-up instructions. I would strongly urge you to have someone go with you on surgery day. It just makes things a lot easier and worry-free knowing someone will take care of you.

After: Anyone who tells you you'll be back to normal the next day is lying. In my experience it was a week or a bit more and I'm not surprised. I experienced fever and nausea the next day. The antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds did help but it takes time. I remember the 2-3 days post surgery being terrible where I did nothing but lie in bed and it was painful to move at all. Getting up from bed, moving from one side to another, changing clothes, eating, all were a chore. My arms felt like they had been locked into place and my chest (while flat) felt heavy. After 3 days, the fever was gone and I had to go to the doctor for a follow-up. They removed the bandages, checked for leakages, gave an all-clear and put new bandages. By this time, I started feeling better but still not a 100%. Taking a shower or wearing clothes was still a task. The chest area was super-stiff. The only solace was looking in the mirror and seeing a flat chest :)
Not sure of the timeline, but I believe I went for my second follow-up 10 days later or so. Was checked and given the all clear again. The bandages had come off by now but not the sutures (which took another week or two). All the pain started slowly fading away and my flat, sculpted chest started becoming my new normal. It really did feel good to wear tees (and take them off ;)).
Special mention to the dreaded compression garment: I'm not sure if it's all garments or the one provided by this clinic. It was horrible to wear this one. Think of it as a really tight undershirt/vest that cuts into your underarms and skin. This thing was ridiculously tight and uncomfortable. I would advise you to research and invest in a proper garment that's custom made for you.

Long After: Approx. 4-6 months later, the stiffness had almost gone and I was working out and back to my 100%. I had stopped wearing the compression garment by now. My right nipple was a bit sensitive but everything else was good. I ignored the nipple for almost a year until i felt like I should get it checked again. On visiting the doctor, I found out that there was a minuscule amount of liquid trapped in the nipple. Nothing serious but something that could have been avoided had I gone for a check-up after 3 months. The doctor injected a local anaesthesia, cut and drained, and taped it up. Took a week for it to completely heal and now the nipple isn't sensitive anymore.

Long Long After: It's almost 2 years since I underwent the procedure and I have to say I'm glad that I did. It's strange that something that used to constantly worry me doesn't even cross my mind anymore. I would urge everyone to read this forum, reports, doctor reviews, do your homework and get all the information you can before you choose your doctor and decide on getting surgery done. Gynecomastia, though embarrassing, is not life threatening/altering in any way. Surgery may not be an option for everyone and that's fine too so long as you accept to live with it.

A big thank you to everyone who contributes here and good luck to everyone who's considering getting the procedure done. Feel free to DM me any questions and I'll try my best to answer them.


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