Author Topic: What is the right price for gynecomastia surgery in india  (Read 2708 times)

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Hi Folks,

I am contemplating surgery. I have got quotes from Indian rupees 35 k to 60K. This includes hospital stay of 2 days and all other costs. Doctor says that fluid discharge may take 2-3 days at home. So all in all i will out of action for 4-5 days max.

Can anyone from India tell me whether this is a right price tag? Also please suggest good surgeons in India -Mumabi and Bangalore


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try googling
u wud find quite a few..

if u look at the forums.. u can see dr sandip jain ..dr anand..etc..
there are quite a few around mumbai..banglore and chennai..
i think it will be worth if u can schedule an appointment with some or each and then decide for yourself.

the cost u mentioned i think is pretty much the one going around at this time.. around 60k. plus or minus 10k.
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