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Didn't expect it to move so fast, but I have a consultation with a general surgeon tomorrow regarding breast tissue under my nipples.  I am a member of the US Army and will hopefully have a free surgery.  Unfortunately, the operation will be done by a general surgeon, not a cosmetic surgeon.

So, what kinds of questions should I ask the surgeon tomorrow?

Am I taking a risk with regards to the aesthetic results of my chest?

I have spoken to Dr. Kapoor (very professional by the way), but the price is $6300.  If I can get the military to do it for free, I will probably go that route.


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There are significant differences in the training and approach of surgeons in various specialties.  While I do not wish to denigrate any general surgeons, with all due respect their goals may be just to get the tissue out -- they may not be as concerned about sculpting the chest, minimizing the scars, etc.  The problem is that once surgery is done, if it is not good, you will be unhappy and trying to improve upon it.  And secondary surgery is more difficult and less predictable. And it is costly.

Yes, you can get it for free in the military -- but at what cost? 

I wish you well.  BTW, see if you could possibly have a military plastic surgeon do your procedure.

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Dr. Elliot,

I sincerely thank you for your opinion.  I met with the Army surgeon today and decided to go with Dr. Kapoor instead.  Everything you wrote was dead on.  The surgeon didn't really seem too concerned about the aesthetics at all.  All he seemed to care about was getting the tissue out.  He sealed the deal when he said, "plastic surgeons don't usually do this kind of thing".  Using a military plastic surgeon wasn't probably going to happen.  Luckily, I spent a year in Afghanistan and put the money aside.

I feel good about Dr. Kapoor and am excited to get the procedure done on the 20th August.  I'll keep everyone posted on the results.


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I just read your post and I'm glad you have switched to Dr. Kapoor.  You won't be disappointed; consider it money well-spent.  Good luck tomorrow.

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Doctor Pope and Doctor Jacobs,

Thanks so much for your input.  I had the surgery done today and it was simple.  I'm looking forward to taking a shower in two days and getting a look at the work.  Dr. Kapoor is a great guy and it still amazes me just how simple the procedure was on my end.


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