Author Topic: Gyno coming back 5 months after the op.?  (Read 1301 times)

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5 months ago i passed an gyno operation, both sides. Just after the op. i have a flat chest and very happy with the results. However, i noticed that my nipples getting puffier and a tenderness at the nipples. I can see also a lump beside my right nipple? To the doctors in the forum, can you please take a look to my images and leaving your obervations?

Note: i havent use drugs or any supplements in the past

Thanks a lot !

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It might be a little bit of scar tissue. Sometimes massage and even a kenalog injection can help. You should return to your surgeon though for examination and the best advise. 
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From your description, it sounds like some scar tissue has developed under the areola, and in that circumstance, I'll use a Kenalog injection into the scar tissue to reduce it.  This can be very effective.  You should speak to your surgeon about this. 
Good luck. 
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