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5 days after my second Gynecomastia surgery and I feel pretty good. The first surgery was an absolute nightmare.  The Dr. Tried to liposuction the gynecomastia gland out which did not work (if you want to know more about my first surgery ask. It's too long of a story). Anyways, my second surgery feels like it is going much better. My question is about the gland that was removed, I was told to fully assure that the gynecomastia does not return you have to caurterize the estrogen receptors. I asked the doctor to do this but he assured me that the gynecomastia would never come back once the full gland is removed. I have heard stories about people smoking weed, using Pro-hormone, drinking beer  or even eating certain types of food and the gynecomastia has come back. I'm just trying to get more in site on post surgery do ' s and dont's? Can I never drink a beer again or smoke marijuana? Do I need to be on a strict diet? Should the doctor have caurterize the receptors? The more viable information the better please..

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It is quite rare, if ever, that gyne returns after appropriate surgery.  However, among the don'ts would be further use of anabolic steroids or prohormones -- you are just looking for trouble.
As for beer -- no problem.  Marijuana -- the answer truthfully is we don't know because until very recently, it was illegal and therefore no legit medical studies could be done.
Some foods (e.g. soy products) do have plant estrogens -- but unless you eat a huge amount, it should be safe.
Finally, there is no way to "cauterize" the estrogen receptors -- that doesn't make medical sense.
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If the gland is completely removed it cannot return. If parts of it are not removed, as can occur with only liposuction, than it might return under certain circumstances which increase your relative levels of estrogen. Alcohol is not a problem unless you get into liver failure. "Weed" has long been reported to cause gynecomastia though I'm not sure of the science behind it. I've never heard of cauterizing the receptors, so i think this is inaccurate, to put it politely.
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Thank you for your replies. I understand I am not entirely knowledgable on the subject so some of the things I say might sound stupid or dumb, That is not my intention.
I had my second surgery with Dr. Dr. Cruise in Newport Beach, California. Wonderful facility and staff in a beautiful area of the country. I would completely recommend this Doctor. I completely trust that the gland was removed from the pictures Dr. Cruise and his staff have provided, the literal feel of my body post surgery and Dr. Cruise personally assuring me that the gland was completely removed. 
I was given advice from a retired Strong Man body builder who had gotten the Gynecomastia surgery himself. He planned on using steroids again and said that the ''gyne'' can return unless you burn the estrogen receptors behind the nipple. I am a former football player who was into sport nutrition when I was in college and my ''gyne'' was self-induced through the use of pro-hormones. This is why I was talking to this guy about getting the surgery and who I should go to. He made it very clear that the Gynecomastia can return unless and burn the receptors. This is the reason for my initial questions.
I know this sounds like something no surgeon would do but for a Body Builder who plans on using steroids again. would this technic work in preventing ''gyne'' from ever returning? especially if that person insisted on the use of the technic...?
Obviously I am just trying to ensure the gynecomastia does not return in my life.
I will never use pro-hormones or anything similar ever again.
I have been given the okay by 3 doctors on drinking alcohol.
Marijuana seems to be one that doctors are unsure of. Should I just give up smoking to be safe? only use occasionally? again I am trying to never deal with ''gyne'' again.
My diet is mostly Organic/Vegan and Fish. Does any of this sound like red flags? also which diets/foods should I stay away from?
My first surgery was by Dr. Jeffry Schafer a plastic surgeon who practiced on Coronado Island in San Diego, California in November 2013. He had mixed reviews but had been personally referred by a nutritionist (not the one mentioned below) I thought I could rely on. This Dr. was completely careless in his approach to me as a patient and client. The first time I met him he walked in with a mouth full of food. Long story short he decided to only do liposuction to remove the ''gyne'' through an incision below my arm-pit. Was treated very roughly during surgery and rushed out of the facility once I was done. On my 2 week post surgery appointment I made a comment on how I still felt a sizable lump under both nipples. Dr. Jeffry Schafer assured me that it was scar tissue building up, the results are not final until really the 6 month mark and that if I really wanted I could get a Kenolog shot but that could cause a crater. I declined the shot and decided to wait until my six month appointment to review my surgery progression. I called to schedule a date and Dr. Schafer had sold his practice a month and a half before my six month appointment was to happen. Dr. Jeffry Schafer was sued by a women for just under one million dollars for negligence and went to court five days after he did surgery on me. He sold his company and I believe he was forced to retired. 
Does anyone know if I can still get compensation from the Dr. for completely messing up my surgery? he did not remove the gland and I woke up half way through the surgery. He told me to stop moving so much...? I had to get another surgery to fixe the one he did not do correctly. He also told me that he would not touch my muscle and from the looks of it he did, which can not grow back. This story is much more in depth and I do need help on the subject if anyone is willing?
I'm not trying to sue this man for financial gain. I just want him to pay for the surgery he failed to complete on me which forced me to get a second surgery. I assume full responsibility in my decision to go with this doctor and admit it was a poor choice. I would just like the Doctor to honor his word.
This Forum Is a tremendous help to people, Thank you to the doctors. I think the most troubling thing about Gynecomastia is the psychological affect it has on males. Many times I have thought about using drastic measures to change my life with Gynecomastia. This forum helps.

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Glad your second surgery is going well.As far as " caurterize the estrogen receptors " that is nonsense. The number and binding capacity of the estrogen receptors in gynecomastia are normal. Approximately 99% of the gland is removed and as mentioned the likelihood of recurrence is very small. keep your weight down and avoid steroids for many reasons. As far as beer I have never even heard of an association of gynecomastia with beer. Any treatment which does not remove glandular tissue will be ineffective.
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