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Ok I had gyno surgery 9 months ago. I had gland taken out aND liposuction.  About a week after I got lumps back while still wearing the compression garment. My doctor advice scar tissue and said it would go away. Well it never did so about a month ago he gave me a shot in the tissue  and they shrunk more. Now theyou have a little lump  which wouldn't bother me ,but my nipples are still puffy and you can see it through shirts. He said he won't do another shot cause it could sink in. Is this as good as it gets? Will the puffy nipples go away??

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A photo would be helpful, but it sounds like he has done thing correctly. To many steroid shots can cause melt away too much tissue and cause a worse problem. Most normal men's chest are not perfectly flat.  The puffiness that you have could reduce further.
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Depending on the size of the scar tissue present, I may inject a steroid like Kenalog 2 or 3 times.  It is possible for a steroid chemical to melt away fat, so you do have to be cautious when injecting it. Hope this helps.
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You need to provide a photo for any meaningful input.
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This is where an exam is needed. If the lump is not causing any visible fullness, it does not need to be treated. If it is the cause of the puffiness than additional treatment, either surgical or non-surgical can be tried. If your surgeon is not comfortable with further steroid injections than I wouldn't force the issue. There may be a good reason. 
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Please provide photos. It is really hard to give advice in this situation without seeing what is going on. 
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