Author Topic: Puffy nipple one side, stretched tissue. Is this the start of gynecomastia?  (Read 881 times)

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My right nipple is swollen/puffy when erect, almost as if the nipple itself has increased in size. When it's not erect the puffyness subsided, but the surrounding tissue looks cracked and dry from where it expanded. (Photos attached of erect and unrest)

I've also noticed that my breast tissue itself has rubbery lumpy tissue in it, located towards the outside of the pec muscle itself, not near the nipple.

I started taking a low dose finasteride in October last year, but switched to a topical version when I noticed my puffy nipple.

Is this the start of Gynecomastia?

Thank you

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You describe the nipple, per se, as being the issue.  This is not gynecomastia or the start.  It is very specific to the nipple which can change based on the stimulation or cold.  This is due to the muscle in the nipple-areola complex.  Nipples can certainly look and behave differently. Good luck.
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It is difficult to tell from the pictures you sent about the tissue you mentioned in the pec area. As for the nipple, that is different than the areola. I don't see the appearance of true puffy nipple which is really puffy areola. It is normal for the nipple to change due to temperature, clothing rubbing against them, etc. I would recommend continuing to monitor your chest/areolas to see if anything changes and post back on the forum again at that time. 

Take Care!
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