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I've done a gyno surgery about two years ago where 65 g gland on left and 50 g gland on right was removed and about 100 grams of fat was removed on each side after which he says he sew fat together directly under the nipple aswell (fat graft maybe)?  While it looks better than before i still have puffy nipples which makes me want to do a second surgery.
The surgeon who did the surgery says he left a bit of the gland (like 3mm he says) and if i were to take out more he says there is a big risk that my nipples might puff out permanently since something lets go underneath? 

I've met other plastic surgeons who say that they can take out more of the gland without saying anything about any risk of it puffing out permanently. Not sure what to believe here. 

Thankful for any input on this.

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Gynecomastia revision surgery is very common and incomplete removal is one of the most common reasons. You can certainly have a revision but go to a surgeon who is experienced. Good luck.
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