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Hi there

I recently had a consultation with a good plastic surgeon, who is registered with ASPS.
He says he can perform a gland excision and lipo for me, its called subcutaneous mastecomy.
What I am concerned about is that he also told me about all risk involved with the surgery, loose skin, bleeding, etc etc and also death (which I think is extreme and he agreed too).
Does anyone give death as a risk with this surgery or on a consent form. He says its just a precaution for them and the only way for this to happen is complications from anaesthesia  or a stroke of the heart (again I mention this is just the risks which I think most surgeons will tell you to avoid future problems).
Has anyone signed consent forms with death as a risk.

I dont want to scare people away but just wanting to know if this is the norm




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Yes, is standard practice to sign this form. With any surgery, no matter how minor, there are risks. They are extremely good at judging the risks associated with anaesthesia and would not proceed if they believed you were at risk.

As for bleeding, etc, again everyone is at risk and with this procedure a small percentage do suffer from it, but depends on skill of surgeon, how your body heals, how much activity you do afterwards and numerous other factors. It is important the surgeon makes the area as dry as possible before he closes the incisions.

Just make sure you do all you can to prevent it from happening, ie, listen to all their aftercare instructions carefully, and if you trust your surgeon, leave the rest to him. You will be fine.

Good luck, Punta.


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