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Hi All,
   I had my surgery done last week with Dr. Jill Tomlinson. A little background about me, 22 year old. I've had this Gyno problem since I was 13. Lost alot of weight 2 yrs ago but the chest stayed the same. So, just over a year ago I decided that I was going to have a surgery done and im glad I did.


I have been on this forum for over a year now. First thing I did was get a health insurance to cover the costs. After extensive research I opted for Bupa Young Single Choice in July 2013 (12 months waiting period ends July 2014). January 2014, I decided that I wanted my surgery done in February so I called Dr. Sue’s office but was told April 2014 was the earliest consultation time available. So I decided to go with my 2nd option for this surgery – Dr. Jill Tomlinson.  


Booked my consultation with Jill on the 22th of Jan. Prior to the consultation I went to see a GP for a referral. My GP basically checked if I do have gyno and asked me questions if I do know what I’m doing.  Consultation with Jill went for about 30-45 mns. She was very professional about it and had a good knowledge about gyno surgery even though she hasn’t performed this as much as Dr. Sue.


Consultation - $220 (mediocre rebate $72.75)  
Dr. Jill’s Fee - $3645 (rebate $585.25)
Compressor Vest  x2 – $198
Theatre Room and day bed fee - $2732.50
Pathologist - $249.65 (rebate still unsure how much)
Anaesthetist - $460 (rebate $165)
Total $7505.15 – (rebate atleast  $823) = $6682.15 out of pocket
If i waited till July to get the surgery done, out of pocket costs would be around $4000 but i had to get it done this month.

Surgery Day (Feb 4,2014)

Arrived at Epworth Cliven Hospital at 7am. My surgery was delayed for an hour because I had issues with my credit card. I saw about 3-4 different nurses asking me questions and prepared me for the surgery. Was taken to the operating theatre at around 9am. Anaesthetist spoke to me about the possible complications and medications to take. He injected me the anaesthetic  and 5 mns later they got me to hold the mask (anaesthetic gas) over my nose/mouth. It happened all so quick it was surreal! Last thing I remember was seeing Dr. Jill in front of me and the nurse holding the mask for me. Nurse woke me up at 10.30am, and first thing I asked was ‘’am I dreaming?’’ LOL. It was that strange. I had some pain after the surgery but I was given some meds so it went away straight away.
A friend picked me up at 2pm as I didn’t want to stay overnight and pay extra.


9 days post-op – still have some numbness, bruising, swelling and occasional pain. So far, I’m happy with it even though it’s not perfect and hoping it will get better over the weeks to come.
Puffiness of the nipple  gone 9/10
Chest contour I’d give it a 9/10.
Flatness of the chest – 7.5/10 (still swollen so im hoping it flatten just abit more) Jill did leave some fat but I believe I can flatten it abit more with exercise as i plan on loosing 7-8% body fat.
Scarring - Still healing but pretty happy with it
Nipple sensation – My nipple is more sensitive than what it was before which I don’t mind (I think because the nipples are sticking out more now)
My left nipple is slightly different from the right. Right side looks all normal.  The left nipple has sunken a little on the lower half (it’s worse when I raise my arm up). When I raise both my arms left nipple seems to raise a little higher than the right. Right chest slightly tight when I raise my arm up. Im hoping these will all get better in the weeks to come.
Will update on the results again after the 6th week consulation. Any questions or want some post-op pics just message me.  

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Hey man how's the healing going now?

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Hey dude, was this lipo only or excision as well?

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Here are some of my before and after photos. what you think guys ?

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