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Hi guys,

Does anyone know the item numbers associated with the surgery. I have puffy nipple's and speaking to a private health provider, they require item numbers to be able to do any checks.

I sure there would be item numbers for each of the following
surgery and


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I've seen this post up for a while and also wanted to know, so I emailed Sue Thistlewaites office and they responded saying "The item number is 31527 x 2."

I'm yet to check with my insurer but also thought there would be different item numbers.

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From my surgery (all had same item No.):

31527 - Threatre band 5 ($1,418)
31527 - Threatre band 5 ($709)
31527 - Accommodation band 4 ($460)

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Is there a good preWitch Pumpkin Hat item? or anything cheaper but with more or less equal healing and is also unlimited


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