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Dear All,

I thought i would follow billy88's example and share my experiences as this forum helped me a lot and in the end, lead me to my final surgeon. So i thought it would only be fair giving something in return.

Its been a week now since i've went under the knife, and so far i'm really pleased with the results, my chest is flat with a little bit of swelling, and had a quick peek at my nipples when i went in to get my dressings changed and they are exactly how i've always wanted them to be (not puffy).

I forgot to take photos prior to my operation, but hopefully my doctor will pass my pre-op photos onto me so i can post them for all of you to see. So you can get an idea of the severity of my gynecomastia.

I've gone into a lot detail so its going to take a while read, so bear with me....

Living with Gynecomastia:
i have had gynecomastia ever since i was 12 years old, and being overweight at the same time my man boobs were noticeable and stuck out. i would always wear a few layers of clothing even in mid-summer so i could hide it.
I was always thought it was just because i was overweight.
by 18 i started to train rigourously to try shed my man boobs but was always still there. My man boobs aren't that severe as other cases i've heard about, in fact i would say it was pretty minimal. My chest would look pretty normal when it was cold or when my nipple was hard but when it was hot my nipple would puff out along the lower half of my chest. i would get this real abnormal contour in my chest

I could wear tight shirts but of the thicker variety so it made shopping difficult as most t-shirts are of pretty thin fabric. And would avoid showing my chest in public which meant i wouldn't go to the beach at all, which meant i missed out on a lot of days with firends at the beach, even family holidays.
I had never contemplated that i could get surgery done so it only became an option recently.

Looking for a surgeon:
Looking on the internet i had found 4 surgeons
Dr R Thind - Suggested on this website, with photos to back up (sydboi85)
Dr Tavakoli - Found through Today Tonight and 'Cosmetic' Magazine
Dr J Hunt - Found through Current Affairs website
the 4th i can't quite remember the name but his surgery is in Crows nest

*note - when seeing the majority of the surgeons, they will charge you a consultation of fee ($160). To get a rebate from Medicare on this you will need a referal from your GP.

Dr Tavakoli - I opted to see him first because looking at his credentials, him writing monthly articles in magazines, and being on shown on Today Tonight quite frequently i thought he would be the most qualified to do the surgery and more likely get the better result. Rang and got an appointment to see him the same week at his Office at the Hills Private Hospital. Was basically told that he could lipo the fat away but its practically impossible to get rid of the puffyness. He told me there is no gland its just fat.
I was pretty much pissed off and devasted that he couldn't fix it.Thinking if the most qualified can't do it what can anyone else do to fix it.

Dr R Thind - Was my third choice in surgeons, but got an appointment before Dr Jeremy Hunt.
Went in to have an consultation with an assisstant so it was free. Was told straight away that i had gynecomastia and that you would require a bit lipo and to cut around the aeola to take out the gland and this would get rid of the puffyness. Was hesitant at first as an assistant told me that they could get rid of the puffyness but a fully-qaulified surgeon of 10 Years said it couldn't be done. She then took me to see the surgeon. he told me that you can actually feel the gland behind your aeola by squeezing it. He also showed me before and afters of cases of gynecomastia similiar to mine, and with very good results.

Two days later i went in booked my surgery and paid my deposit of $1000. I didn't bother seeing Dr J Hunt and the fourth surgeon as my appointment with them was more than a month away. I think my quick decision was honestly due to fact in that the surgeon told me what i wanted to hear and backed it up by showing the photos,  compared with what i heard from Dr Tavakoli.

Surgery with Dr R Thind is different compared to other cosmectic surgeons that i hear about on here. All surgery is done on site, but is a certified Surgery. I was hesitant in hearing this at first but when i inspected it at my consulation it was very clean and professional just like having it in a normal hospital.

the cost of the surgery was $5500. Desposit of $1000 when booking. This includes the compression vest.

Added Costs: additionally you need to get a blood test done which is free on medicare, an ultrasound is also needed which costs $180 and you get a rebate of $90 from Medicare.

Was booked to have my surgery done at 9:30am,
Went into a change room and had to change into a robe with a hair net, and bsacially straight to the operating room.

Was injected with an anesthetic but was awake the whole time the surgery was done. But with a screen just under chin so i couldn't see what was happening and freak out with the surgery.
The surgery flew felt like 20 minutes but took close to an hour to complete. The screen was taken away and was helped to sit up and freaked out a little by seeing two drains coming out of my chest.
My compression vest was put on with these extra pads inside, which i was told to help reduce bruising. I was taken into another room and got sat down and given something to eat and drink. Half hour later i was picked up and went home.

When the anesthetic wore off i was in a bit  of discomfort but the painkillers helped a lot. Your also given a course of antibiotics.
For me the next 24 hours was pretty hazy, the painkillers are pretty strong and knocks you a bit... i remember from the drains that came out of my shirt only really the right side of my chest bled, only a small amount of blood went into the left drain.

The next day i had to go in to get the drains removed, you go through a bit of pain but its all over pretty quickly but you still have to keep the extra inside the compression vest. With the extra padding it makes you look like you have bigger breasts and fatter then what you originally were and looks quite stupid but helps reduce recovery time.

From now until your next visit the biggest pain is trying to deal with the itching from thebandages and the vest.
You have also try do nothing as not to sweat because forget about having a shower for at least the next 5 days you cant get the bandages wet. By the 3rd day your feeling fine you you don't need the painkillers anymore

On the 6th day after the operation you go in to get your dressings changed into waterproof bandages, this also is your chance to have a peek at your nipples mine look pretty screwed up with the stitches and all but finally NO PUFFYNESS!!  ;D and a perfectly contoured chest, no more weird contour half way down my chest. The extra padding is also taken out so your looking back to normal.

Being at home this past week i have been the happiest i've been  in a while, just now thinking i can walk into any shop and buy anything i like. I can finally pull out all those shirts from my wardrobe that were given to me but would never think twice of wearing. I can now go to the Beach!! i've just also booked my flights to Rio De Janiero for next summer and can now walk down the beach without a shirt and not feel uncomfortable.
It also hindered my sex lie in more ways than one, pretty much would need to do a lot of training week leading up so the contour of my lower chest wouldn't be as great. AlIf it wasn't reduced by that time i would more often refuse to have it or maybe with myshirt still on haha...
I never had any girl say anything to me about it but it always was uncomfortable it being really noticeable so it always plagued my mind if they were always thinking it to themselves.

i still have another 3 weeks of wearing my vest and another 5 weeks until i can get back into gym.

I will post the photos of my results at one month and give you a close up to give you an indication of the scarring.

If anyone has any question at all no matter big or small, i would gladly help you out cause i know how difficult it is having this condition and the enormous relief it is when you finally have the surgery and begin to see the results....
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Hi, thanks for the information, very helpful.
I have a few questions:

1) How old are you?
2) What exactly are these "drains" that they put in, and where do they put them?
3) The vest that you have to wear for 3 weeks, would it be noticeable under ordinary clothing, eg long sleeved shirts and the like?  I can just imagine people continually bugging me at work about why I am wearing a vest  :-\
4) You mentioned you were overweight when younger, did you have any sort of "loose skin" problem in the chest area?
5) On the day after the surgery, were you able to walk around the house by yourself, and do basic sort of stuff like eat and go to the toilet (might seem like a silly question but I don't know how hardcore these painkillers are and how much they mess you up).

-Once again, thanks for your help! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos  :)
Surgery done 18th March 2008

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i'm glad its helping you mate...

i'm 21

Two tubes are placed in your chest just below your chest one on either side. They are connected to this vacum type plastic cylinder and this sucks out any blood build up behind up your chest. This stops your chest from bruising up. (bruising occurs when theres internal bleeding).
They either connect it to the button of your shirt or your pants...

The number of weeks you have to wear the vest, really depends on the severity of your gynecomastia so you might have to wear for up to 6-8weeks.
To tell the truth mate i put on a normal t-shirt on just last night for the first time, and was pretty amazed that the vest doesn't show up at all. So you'll have no problem hiding it. The vest is pretty fitted and takes your body shape pretty well, so its just like wearing a normal singlet under your shirt.

Sorry mate, Do you mean did i have a loose skin problem as a result of losing the weight or did i initially have a loose skin problem when i was younger?

Yeh you can eat and go to toilet by yourself it just takes abit longer as your not all there in the head with the painkillers

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Thanks for letting us know abt your experience....

Just got a question:
What type of stitches are normally used? And do u have any scarring?

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Dr Thind from ?

I'm thinking about going to see them..

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normal stitches used as opposed to dissolving stitches if thats what you mean,

i had to get them taken out 2 days post the operation...

i do have scarring but it isn't noticable as he cuts along the the line of your nipple.

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Dr Thind from ?

I'm thinking about going to see them..

give him a visit, i know of two other people on this board that have had the operation with him as well and are happy with the results...

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thanks for replying dude...

few more questions :-)

1. Does the extra padding make it look too odd to go out and stuff? I mean i might start working full time (but not physical work, cos i would work as a software engineer) sooner or later and i cant take too many days off. So basically can we be able to get back and do normal work (depending on the severity of the work ofcourse) between the period of the op and the sixth day (where we get the dressing changed)??

2. When are the stitches removed? From what you wrote i got the picture that its not done on the sixth day?

3. Have you posted any pics of before n after? If so can let us know where we can find it?

Thanks again dude.... you have been quite informative.
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yeah any pics would be great

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Hey Oscar,
Really glad it all worked out great...
I second the previous post - any photos that you can put up?


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