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I have been a member for a while now and after a long time finally had the courage to go for it and I cant be happier. After help from these forums I chose to have consultation with Dr Paul Belt in Brisbane. From the start he was helpful, informative and made me feel at ease. After having everything explained to me I was ready to book in my surgery. The surgery itself couldnt have gone better, everyone was nice and helpful with whatever I needed. I wast put to sleep and woke up later with an assistant right there to tell me the surgery was successful. I had my prescription pain killers but I wasnt in much pain at all and only ended up taking 4 of the whole packet over the week post surgery. I am now 2 weeks post surgery and wearing my compression garment. Even though the recovery hasnt been completed I am over the moon couldnt be happier with the results and the whole process, i wish i had undergone it sooner. I urge anyone out there struggling with true gyne and has determined to be natural causes to at the very least have a consultation. You wont regret it. I will try post pre post pics soon.

make yourself.

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Congrats mAte, really happy for you.

Did you have just excision or excision and lipo.?

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hehe @ "make yourself"

Good to hear a successful outcome.
Just joined this forum and it's comforting to hear other people talk about the same issues......I'm planning on having surgery this year. I think I'll have a consultation with Dr Pelt.


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Great news. Good luck with the recovery.


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