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Hi all,
I would like to go for surgery with sue but live in wollongong south of sydney. I am currently looking into health funds as I just can not save the money needed to go for the surgery with her.
I believe all private health funds cover the cost of the surgery fees and hospital fees but not the surgeon fees. So it looks like the cost of sues surgery being 6500 in total once the theater fees are taken from that the surgery will only be 3500 out of pocket expense. Now that is not bad when you are only paying 15 dollars a weak for the private health fund so I thought why not it makes things so much easier.

Well here is the thing what health funds are others with?
And the waiting period is 2 months for unknown conditions and 12 months for conditions that are known prior to taking out the insurance. Well I would really like to get the surgery as soon as possible do you think that it will be possible to claim at the 2 months as I have not booked the surgery but I do know about the condition that I have.

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I recently had surgery with Sue.  I was with HCF and the entire hospital stay was covered (didn't even have to get involved, the clinic handled everything directly with HCF).

There was no excess for me because HCF has no excess for day procedures.  May be similar for other funds, you would need to check.

Not sure about pre existing conditions (I'd had my cover for years).  Reading around it seems the definition is usually that you've seen a health care professional about it.

If you haven't seen a doctor etc you might get away with it, but they may argue it was still preexisting because your gyne didn't develop just now (I assume).

Maybe you could try ringing one up (anonymously) and asking a few questions.
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