Author Topic: Surgey Scheduled for December 2008 in Sydney  (Read 2970 times)

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Hi Guys,

I have been checking this site for sometime now so decided to post some comments. After years of struggling with myself I have finally decided to go for surgery in December this year. I am bit nervous but at the sametime happy that I am finally getting over with this issue and will enjoy swimming and surfing without worrying about how my chest looks like. Will post some pre pics soon.


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Hey Paren,
Welcome and it is great that you are getting the surgery. Who did you decide to go with as there are many good surgeons in Sydney.

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I just had my surgury a week a go, really glad I've had it done. Im looking foward to hitting up the beach for the first time since i was about 16 when summer really kicks in.
Tell ya what mate hope ya got AC cause this heat is killing me with the compression garment and its no where near as bad as its gonna get later in the year!
I was nervous to but its worth it, Good luck with the op.


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