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I had my consultation today. The doctor prefers that he use a ace bandage wrap verses a vest. Anybody have any opinions, experience with tjis
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I recently had gyne lipo and it seemed to go pretty well, I'm 3 days post surgery and my surgeon used ace wraps as well but I bought a compression vest online after reading abut a few here.  I'm going for a follow up this thursday with my surgeon and am going to see what else he suggests.  It seems from what I've been reading here that compressions is important post surgery so even ace wraps are better than doing nothing I'd assume.  Good Luck with recovering

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IMHO, ace wraps are difficult to apply smoothly and evenly and tough to get just the right amount of pressure after surgery.  They also tend to unravel during the day, necessitating a quick trip to the restroom to re-wrap yourself.

I usually recommend either a compression garment or a binder -- and sometimes both.

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I have used  ace wraps alone ,compression garments alone and compression garments with an ace wrap. Ace wraps are much ,much cheaper BUT in my opinion there is no comparison with compression garments for a large number of reasons. I feel so strongly about this that I include two garments which we provide at the time of surgery to the patient. The garments are included in the surgical fee.In certain cases I add an ace wrap for 48 to 72 hours but the ace is really secondary to the garment.
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Thanks  DrPensler for satisfying me...


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