Author Topic: card payment at Noa clinic  (Read 2148 times)

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Hey guys, im going to get the surgery done at Noa Clinic in a weeks or so, may i ask if any of you guys went to the clinic paid by card? and did they or the bank charged you transaction fee, if so, how much was it? I dont feel safe carrying that amount of cash on me in a foreign country, so i would like to find out before the travel, cheers guys!

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I think there's a fee for cards but I can't remember how much it was. He has a UK bank account, so I just did a direct bank transfer at the clinic (used the free wifi to log in on my phone and do it). I only took GBP cash for the blood test if I remember right.

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I paid on my credit card, £1420.

The amount taken was £1437 with the charge.

Job done.


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