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I have been suffering with gynecomastia for a number of years now and have visited this site on a number of occasions to hear of other peoples situations and how they resolved them. It seems that Katarzyna Ostrowska-Clark is very well respected on this site and as a result i would like to take the plunge and have the surgery done at her clinic. However when i contacted them i was informed that i would need to stay in total 6 nights in Poland overall (including night before and night of surgery). However due to the nature of my buisness and with the current economic situation it would be impossible for me to stay that long. As a result i was wondering if those who have undergone this surgery could give me some advice on whether their maybe any solutions to this problem?
Thanks in advance for your help

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hi doc,

I myself was looking into going to her for my surgery (have since decided to go to Levick)and I'm pretty sure somewhere on her website (or it might have been the information pack she sent me) it says that you can stay less nights but have to pay extra.

This is because they believe they need to give it six days to cover themselves should any problems arise that need to be fixed, whereas if you leave earlier then her reputation/ the reputation of the clinic is on the line.

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You can't find someone to watch shop, or work from the hotel?

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I had surgery last year. On the 3rd day I was there she discharged me from her clinic and days 4,5 and 6 I did no see her at all! she did however call me at the hotel on the final day to ensure things were ok before I left. I should add the reason for this was because she was happy with my healing progress and therefore it is very dependent on your specific post operative circumstances.


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