Author Topic: Surgery next week with Katarzyna Ostrowska-Clark  (Read 3349 times)

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Hi all,

I'm having surgery next week, so thought I would start a thread up. Getting a little nervous now and just want to get the whole thing done. My Macom vest arrived this week, it's pretty tight, hopefully not too tight, I'll take it with me to get the surgeon's thoughts I think.

I went for this surgery location mainly through the good write-ups on this forum, especially by jakeyboy and mart, so thanks to them for those detailed posts. I've got most of the info i need but I've still got a few questions before next week.

- What are the best things to get to cover your nipples for when you're in the shower? Would Elastoplast Aqua Protect do the job? And would you only need to wear these when the stitches are in?

- Do you get Bio Oil and Jelonet patches from the surgery? Or is it worth picking these up beforehand?

- What do you wear over your nipples when you wear the compression vest?

Any help or tips would be appreciated, I will be putting pics up at some point as well,

Cheers guys.

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Hi Dodge

Macom vests are great, it will feel tight as it's a compression vest mate it's annoying at first but you get used to it after a few days and they work wonders.

I didn't wear anything over my nipples in the shower and it was fine.

The surgery give you some jelonet but definitely take some with you. They don't provide bio-oil so again, take some with you.

I used to put jelonet gauze over my nipples/areola and then some compression bandages (clinic provide some of these but you will need to buy some more)then compression vest on. This provided me with enough compression to minimise swelling etc.

Hope this helps, any more questions just ask.

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Hey man,

Glad you're nearly at the operation stage. I hope to be getting my op at the same clinic you are. I just need to save the money.

Let us know how it all goes, and i wish you a safe trip.

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16 days post-op now and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The wounds have healed up nicely. I'm only wearing the compression vest now, no need for the jelonet and bandages underneath.

The left side looks great, minimal swelling and not much scar tissue that I can tell, but I know this will probably get worse. The right side is different though - quite a bit of swelling, especially above the nipple - it looks pretty much like it did before the op. I'm not concerned at this stage, as a lot of people seem to get some bad swelling within the first month, so I think I'm going to just keep compressing for the first month and see how it looks from there. This kinda matches mart's results I think, but I think my swelling is larger.

I was given some Heparinum cream which I've been using twice a day, does anyone know how long I should be using this for? It does the same job as the Lipohep spray some have used...

I haven't started massaging yet, the surgeon does say to start within a couple of days of the op but after reading different threads, it seems the best thing to do is to wait a few weeks, so I'll start when I'm 3 weeks post-op. My chest was way too sensitive to be doing it that soon I think.

Cheers guys.

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Hey dodge,

Congrats on surgery. Feels good doesn't it? Although I've done nothing but put weight on since my op 8 weeks ago. Need to get some excercise and actually make the most of my new chest.

Use your hep cream until there's none left. I'm guessing you got two white and yellow tubes, by bruises disappears at the same time I ran out of cream. I really started massaging when I had my stitches out after 10 days, until 6 weeks. Ill be honest I've not done much since then and I don't know how long your supposed to carry on for.



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