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I wrote about my gym experience in acceptance/ illusions. I wear a sports bra and sometimes just a regular bra at the gym.
I have a female personal trainer. She knows I wear a bra and so do most of the people in the gym. I just wear a dry fit athletic t shirt over my bras.
I started working out because I wanted to get rid of my boobs. I started out slow, like 30 minutes a day to now I workout hard and two hours a day.
I am very fit now but the boobs didn’t go away.
I will continue wearing a bra everyday and don’t give a rats *** what anybody thinks!
So hard workouts I don’t want my boobs bouncing all over the place, or yoga poses with dangling swaying boobs.
In the end.......nobody cares what you are wearing. And if you do run into that one person that does care....does there stupid opinion really matter?
With age comes inner strength and the power of not caring what others think...
Today I’m rocking who I’ve fought to become.
Do what makes the most sense for you. They are your breasts and yours only.  No one else gets to use them. Use them like you feel you need to. I have been wearing bras daily for years now and it's no ones business but mine because they are mine, not theirs! Good on you!
Womanhood is not defined by breasts, and breasts are not indicative of womanhood. - Melissa Fabello

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You ARE in the club. Your validity here has nothing to do with the volume of replies to your comments, or the size of your bra cups, or even what you ate for breakfast! All are equally irrelevant factors here.

You belong here because you save something in common with the people who joined here before you, just as newbies have something in common with you.

I notice that you have not de-activated your account yet. Hopefully you don't.

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This must be a really close knit group in here. With all my comments I have only gotten a hand full of responses.
I must not be in the club.......
This forum has helped me a lot about accepting what has happened to me. I thank you for that.
This is my last post.
You are as much of us as anyone. No one said having breasts was easy. Ask any woman. And it's harder for us because we aren't supposed to have them. The fact that you have developed breasts puts you "in the club" whether you want to be or not. 

Breasts can be a delight or life threatening. It doesn't matter the cup size of your bra or how much support you need. The fact that adipose and glands have developed on your chest puts you into this unique and wonderful brotherhood (sisterhood?) that other men can never imagine. You share a small piece of womanhood because of those two mounds hanging off your chest. We all here do. We are all tied together through our breasts. You belong here. You ARE one of us my friend. WE CLAIM YOU!


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