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I have been dealing with sore nipples for a while.  I have found out that going without an undershirt under my shirt really makes things worse.  I have never worn undershirts.  Tee shirts have been very confining around the arms, so I tied the A-shirt and while it is better around the arms the ribbed material bugs me.  I have finally got some nylon tees both tricot and lycra but they retain heat a lot.  My doctor said that the reason my nipples hurt is do to activity and rubbing on the fabric since I have mild gyno.  He suggested the underarmor compression shirts or something tight enough to prevent nipple movement.  I told him that compression and lycra shirts are too hot under my uniform in the heat.  He said that the only other thing he would recommend is a bra!  I had never thought of that as an option but I am now doing some research.  The first site I came to was  Then it had a link here.  I am seeing 3 groups as I study and would like some input.  1. Guys that really get into wearing a bra.  2. Guys that would never touch a bra if there life depended on it 3. Guys that were them because they help.  I am not totally opposed to the idea, but don’t really like the idea either.  If there are anyone in group 3 please share your experience.  

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There are under armour shirts designed for use in heat u might try those. Also how about sticking some square band aids on ur nipps?

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I have worn Nylon, Tricot Knit Tee shirts for years and they do help a lot. It may take a couple of weeks to allow the existing irritation to heal before you are aware of the improvement.

If you actually need a bra, It will be a great help if you can get a female family member to help you with the fitting.

There will no doubt be someone here who goes balistic at the mere thought of wearing a Bra. Ignore them.

There are two issues that need to be addressed: Comfort, and Concealment. Whatever kind of garment you decide upon must be comfortable and the straps etc should lie flat and not show through your outer garments to the extent that this is possible; Flesh colored garments may be easier to conceal.
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a bra will actually give your breast more shape and roundness, bras normally pick up and hold the breast in a sexualesque manner, giving them that so called round look, when actually they are more teardrop shape, one thing ive tried is a tube top kinda sports bra, will give support and not give you so much more shape as a bra will, all my girlfriends hate bras cause they can get so uncomfortable, so why would you want one


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