Author Topic: any1 in ur family got it?  (Read 1701 times)

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my cousins son

hes always been a big guy ever since he was small.. i recently went to a pre wedding party and i saw his gyne many even laughed at it.. i think it was because he was wearing white shirt as that reveals it even more.. i personally wear a black one silky one too which tries and hides it.. anyway he also has a big ass and somebody commented on that too saying he cant pick his ass.. its really big though even my cousins were making jokes which is really bad as i dont like it when they do it to me.. even the kids were saying stuff like i was picking my 6 year old nephew up and i said i can pick up any1 next thing u know the guy comes past and my nephew goes can u pick him up?  and then laughed

has any1 in ur family got it?

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My Father, Two uncles, Both brothers, All four Sons, and all my grandsons over the age of 12.

Oh yeah, and Me!

Grandpa Dan


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