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I have a question. According to the measurements, my chest comes out to a 42 (which is a large). However, I have a rather large gut. Does the measurement given on the underworks site take a large gut into account, or should I play it safe and order an X-large instead?

I'd like to order it tonight or tomorrow.
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I have a 44 chest, also, a rather big-ole-gut.
It is too small. I wish I have gotten the extra large.
My suggestion, go with the extra large.
It is a little unomfortable when its too small.
You know what tho? Call underworks, ask them if this item can be returned for a different size. They have rules about what can and cant be returned.
If you can return it, then you really cant go wrong.
And let me know please,lol

Gah! Unfortunatly it would seem in this case. So your saying its probably in Canada but there just screwing around.

Do you think its still going to come? Or will it just come even latter then two weeks?

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Wow I responded to the wrong underworks thread haha.

This was meant to be a response to mine. Which you also responded to BillyBoy. Man I'm confusing myself.


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