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Hey boys.

My surgeon provided me with a binder after the operation.  It's white, has a foam undergarment beneath it, and velcroes together at the side.   It covers my whole chest up to my armpits down to around my belly button.

The only problem I have with it is that the velcroe straps come from the BACK, and it's pretty much impossible for me to attach them myself.  I have to lay down on my bed, and my mom pulls the velcroe straps together...

I have an appointment with my PS next Tuesday, but until then, can any of you suggest a better alternative?  I wouldn't mind paying for a better and more convenient binder/vest, but it would be great if insurance could cover it.

So if any of you know of actual names or models, etc., just lemme know.


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I know it's a bitch, but you should be rarely taking it off, so I say just stick with it.  Mine zipped in the front and had foam pads underneath that covered my chest.  I only had to wear it 6 days, however, so I'm sure after a week if you wanted to change to the 993 from I'm sure you could.
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I've only taken it off for showers.

But the problem is that it velcroes from the BACK, and I'm going away to college next week, so no mom to help put it on.  I could really use a binder that attached from the front and was convenient to put on....


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