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I have suffered from gyne for about 15 years and have got to the point I am over it and are looking at surgery. My first referral was to a breast clinic Dr who did a scan and advised me that most of the tissue was fatty and not gland. Although my weight has gone up and down about 10 - 15 kgs over the years I am currently only about 15% body fat so this surprised me. He has now referred me to a plastic surgeon seems I should have been referred to one in the first place anyway.

When I feel my chest I believe I can feel the gland that is close to the nipple however beyond this I can feel other smaller lumps I can only put down to being cellulite. My determining this is based on what the Dr's scan reported and the fact that I have the same type of lumps in other parts of my body. From what I have read cellulite can not be removed by liposuction so this has me really concerned that I will not be able to proceed with a surgical fix for this.

Has anyone else experienced this in their chest or does anyone know what my options may be and if this will be operable?

My next Dr's appt not for another 6 weeks so some feedback would really be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


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