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i actualy think think site has made me more uncomfortable with myself although i know i have a problem now. when i thought it was just fat in the wrong place i was alot less concerned with it and didnt sit here and dweel into the idea of getting em chopped. gonna start my process tomorow and see a doctor and get this all fixed up, ive saved up enought money for surgery (not sure how) and gonna try to get out of this hole im in.

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Sometimes the truth hurts eh Dude?   :-X

That's part of the 'pain' that we must endure as a result of having Gyne...

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I totally know what you mean, bro. I don't spend as much time here as I used to because it causes me to dwell on it too much, too.

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Welcome to the club brooknam10.

The number of men who have Gynecomastia to some degree is about 2/3 of the male population.  The range is from those who have barely palpable (feelable) all the way up to those who have ponderously large well developed breasts.

The first step is to see your doctor and make your concerns known to Him or Her.  Your age and full medical history are very important, and any drug usage is part of that history even including various herbs which may seem unimportant to you.

Most important, remember that what is going on between your ears is much more important that a bit of surplus tissue on your chest.  Anything you can do to maintain a good self image is important.  Attitude is the biggest part of our battle.
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