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I was just wondering, do guys who have trouble growing facial hair also might have Gyne?

For example, I am 20 years old, and at age 11 or so I started getting pubic hair, by age 16 I had more hair over my legs and chest then a 35 year old adult male. Now at age 20 I am have lots of hair all over my legs and chest as well, the arms are hairy but not "manbear hairy" BUT my facial hair seems like its just coming. Like I have really thick facial hair under my chin and around the neck area, but on my cheeks its very minor and the places I have it on the cheeks its thick. I have hair under my nose like a mustache but its not thick, but has grown to be thicker in the past year (quantity wise). Just recently enough facial hair grew on my chin for me to grow a goatee, but again its not thick hairs their dense in quantity but they are not thick facial hairs.

I was just wondering if the lack of body, facial hair has something to do with GYNE? I am sure it does since hormones play a factor, but I was wondering in a case such as mine where I had pubes and hairs on most places of my body by age 12 (proper ejaculation at age 12) would that mean hormones are ok? But the lack of facial hairs troubles me, then again I know a million guys who have not one single facial hair or body hair and have no gyne, and all of them are in their early 30s. Then another example is my dad who at my age had a muscular athlete body with 0 hairs and 0 facial hairs and no gyne, developed a great amount of body hair and facial hair by age 25, and by 30 developed gyne. Could this been a hormone freak out, or the fact that at age 28 or so he became really really fat. As a side note also both me and my 2 brothers have gyne, When I was 6-7 years old I was really skinny and had no gyne, then around age 10 or so, I became really fat and got gyne. Same with both of my brothers, both were skinny and had no gyne then both got fat at certain ages of their lives and developed gyne. My youngest brother who has the worst gyne of us all, had a flat chest about 8 years ago, and he was skinny 4 years later he became really fat and no has gyne.

All 3 of us have puffy nipples but they are not as severe as I seen on this forum, only my youngest brothers nipples stick out when their puffy but me and my middle brothers dont stick out but just causes out chest to look slightly bigger, since when my nipples are hard my chest looks like I have no gyne. So my other question is could gyne have been cause because of rapid weight gain rather then huge hormone unbalance, and the body storing the fat in the chest and it stayed? Since I developed gyne when I got fat, not during my puberty.
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Well a specialist surgeon I had consulted with told me that a lot of excessive fat definitly has effects on the harmones...... suggested to me that may be the culprit that being overweight contributed to estrogen building and just snowballed but I didnt tell him of my family history, u seem to have a family history as do I seemingly. My moms got big fat irish genes and my it seems one of my cousins has it too on her side. It definitly didnt come from my scrawny italian dad.

So it could be the fat or at least the fat kicked it into motion since you were maybe susceptible.

I cant grow beard around my chin or under my nose it looks like white little old man hairs when I try so I always have to shave. I got cheek hair tho, a lot of young people are slow beard growers but this is an interesting thread....

Im wondering if Im noticing a pattern in people I know who have difficulty getting started with their beards and who were also taking medications as a child.......... I know a lot of people who had ADD or other problems who took medications for something this or that throughout their school careers and have had a certain ammount of life difficulties like social or other (school) problems and they seem to have a lacking ability in facial hair capacity......yes I think I am noticing this pattern.


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