Author Topic: General Gyne Question and Surgery Question  (Read 3058 times)


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I was just wondering how gyne goes away? Do the fat lump things just slowly get smaller or do they just DISAPPEAR?


I emailed a plastic surgeon from mississauga (the one listed under Ontario for find a surgeon) and I asked how much the surgery would cost
I got an email saying it would be $5000. I was wondering if there were any other surgeons in Ontario that does this surgery for cheaper?

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The fact is that it does not just "go away".  It shrinks. At least often it does.

Our presence here is proof enough that it doesn't always shrink.

What is hoped for is that when the tissue is no longer stimulated it will shrink and no longer be noticeable. This works for a good number of men but obviously not all of us.
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Dr.Fielding in Toronto, I heard he's good and his prices are too.


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