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First off I know that many recommend staying local for surgery and I completely understand where they are coming from. However, I find this procedure and expenditure to be rather significant and I feel as though traveling to a PS who has provided patients with EXCEPTIONAL results is well worth it.

I would be devastated to save a penny by staying local and not have the procedure be performed up to par. With this in mind I have a couple questions for those of you who have traveled out of state.....

What did you do about getting the stitches removed? Did you just go to a local doctor? Did you travel all the way back to the PS? What about follow ups?

It seems as though many people have traveled some impressive lengths to have their surgery performed and I was always curious about how you took care of the "little" follow up procedures. Thanks!!!

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If you're near Louisiana, definitely check out Dr. Metzner.  His website and my photos are in my signature.
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Picking an out of state doctor is no guarantee for a "picture-perfect result."

There have been several people on this board who have traveled for surgery and not gotten the results they were looking for.

All surgeons are imperfect people, like anyone else, and will have good days and bad days.

IF you happen to have a lousy result you will then  have to continue travelling back and forth while you sort it out.

IMO, if you are planning on travelling out of State, then you must be prepared to do it 5 or 6 times in case something goes wrong.

My surgeon is 3 hours away and that is long enough! It takes me an entire day to go see him for a 15 minute appointment. Imagine having to go to airport, fly somewhere, get a rental car and hotel, etc.

Unless you live in Kentucky you should have some good surgeons close by. Do your homework and you will be fine.
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If you're near Louisiana, definitely check out Dr. Metzner.  His website and my photos are in my signature.

I think your results are some of the best ones on the site nukem. Louisiana sure beats traveling to NY and Dr. Metzner is someone I may be considering.

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I will probably be traveling out of state for my surgery, unless  someone can recommend a great ps in Georgia.   :'(
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