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Hey guys, I'm Mark and i'm 15 y/o. I'm also a gyne sufferer  :-\.
I wanted to ask you guys a couple questions about my gyne. and yes the doctor confirmed it was gyne, though not clearly whether it was mostly fat, i needed surgery, or if it was just puberty. though i am positive now that i have lost some weight that it is NOT mostly fat.

First, the tissue on both sides of my chest feels like the tissue in my tricep fat. (hold your arm straight out and pinch the hanging fat)

Also i forgot to mention that i used to be overweight (more so) at 168 and 5'3" while at about 13/14
I am currently 144 and 5'6" and 15 (as mentioned)
As for my first question, can anyone explain that please?

Next I was wondering if i'd need surgery for this, but if it's pubertal gyne, could so much of this tissue go away. I will post pic soon, but as for now, my case looks very similar to this:
except my nipples are puffier :-[

Well that's it, until i post up my pics.

Please try and answer as much as you can, i know i didn't give you too much to work with.

Ok bye!


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Please... Someone post their thoughts, suggestions and/or experiences on my situation. Really, anything is helpful


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Hey Mark.  Welcome to

It's hard to answer with any kind of certainty, since you haven't posted your pic(s) yet.  However, your questions reminded me of this similar post (below) the other day, and it was answered by a couple of the doctors here. I think they touch on the things you're wondering about.

After you post your pic(s), the doctors here (and others) will probably be able to answer your questions more definitively.  

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Thank you, Raiders Fan.
I'll try and post some pictures sometime tomorrow so the forum can get a better picture of my case.

Also, how can i post the pictures directly on the post so everyone can see it without me having to post the pictures on an image website and posting a link.


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I do not put too much faith in the pictures posted since the posture of the person and the camera angle is often such that the condition is exaggerated.

It is often said that the glandular tissue is more firm and fibrous while the fat is softer. Like most generalizations, this is often not true. Sometimes even a skilled surgeon is surprised at what is found in the course of surgery. The distinction between fat and gland does not make any difference in how you are going to deal with this.

Will it go away or shrink? If it developed recently, there is a 50/50 chance that it will diminish. The longer you have had the condition the more stabilized it becomes. The general line of reasoning is that if you have had the condition, without change, for two years; there is very little chance that it will diminish very much without surgery.

Do you need surgery? Actually no one Needs to have surgery unless there is some kind of pathology which is rare. The main issues are: How much does the condition bother you? And, Is the condition causing you emotional stress? You must ask yourself only one question in reality, If you had the cash in hand to cover the cost of surgery would you: have the surgery or spend the money on something else? No one else can answer that for you.

Meanwhile, you are among friends here. Welcome! There is a wealth of experience here in how to conceal your condition if it is an embarrassment. Feel free to ask for help.
Grandpa Dan


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