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Hello everyone
I'm 26 y/o and 5 years ago I had a gyno surgery with good results. A few months ago I noticed that the gyno is starting to reoccur, my nipples became puffy and lumps appeared beneath the nipples.
I can't believe I have to go through this again.. now I have to stop training because it will make it worse.  :-\
anyway, I got my hormones checked to find the root of the problem before I'll do another surgery, maybe you can give me your opinions on the blood test, it will really help me.

estradiol: 171 pmol/L (it equals to 47 pg/mL)
testosterone-total: 14.9 range: 9.4 - 37 nmol/L
LH: 3.2 IU/L
FSH: 1.5 IU/L
prolactin: 136.6 range: 45 - 375 mU/L
dhea sulphate: 3.8 range: 2.2 - 15.2 umol/L
shbg: 11 range: 11 - 85
free androgen index: 135.45 range: 28 - 80

thank you very much!

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You should review the blood tests results with the doctor who ordered the tests -- preferably an endocrinologist.

You should also look at any other medications you may be taking to check for potential gyne-producing side effects.  There are many such medications.  And finally, make sure you have not and will not take any anabolic steroids.  If you are taking nutritional supplements, some may contain hormone-like ingredients.

Good luck!

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