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this is my first time on this site.  I am 46 years old and had gyn. all my life.  I am finally having surgery on 9/5/07  and I am nervous !!
No pics to post yet .....tell me to not be scared.  by the way, from what I have read here, I think I'm getting my surgery on the cheap.  I am getting three procedures in one surgery--> the gyno, a neck lift, and some lower abd lip for a total of $8200. And its at a major medical center in the midwest, so this is by all means a liget surgeon.   

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Welcome to the site!  Don't be nervous or scared - I didn't get the surgery until I was 42, so I know what it feels like to finally be looking forward to the surgery after all those years.  Keep us posted and ask questions. 

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You'll be fine ... I got surgery this Friday and im not scared at all any more. Just looking forward to being moobless for the remaining years of my life.

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Welcome to the site.  Keep us posted on the details and results.


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