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I am 18 with some mild gyno.  I think I've had it for about 5 years.  I remember my nipples hurt when if I bumped them in 8th grade...I could feel hard mass under them at that time.  Now I can't feel much beneath them, but a little bit still.  My main problem is with my puffy nipples.  You can see them through t-shirts and I am very self conscious about taking my shirt off.  I really want to start weight training seriously, but I am afraid that it will just make the condition worse.

Basically, I just want to know a few things.  First, do you think it's possible this will go away on its on since its decreased significantly since 8th grade albeit the fact that I've had it for over 4 years now? Second, will weight loss or weight training help it or make it worse?  Thirdly, is puffyness of the nipples caused by only gland or could it be from fat too?  Lastly, is surgery the ONLY way to fix this?  I'm starting college in a few weeks, and there is no way I would be able to get surgery until I'm graduated at least.  

I just want to know how to get rid of it, or how to mask it and make the best out of this crappy situation.

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first of all STOP WORRYING.

second of all - Just remember, whatever outcome, wahtever solution, it can ALWAYS get worse. there are some on here with basically full on breasts- now THATS embarssing. my gyne controlled my wardrobe for 5 years and also makes me to this day extremely self concoious - even after surgery, i doubt ill go out without a shirt on, ever.

As long as your happy then you shouldnt be worried - It's when this affliction starts dictating your life, where you go and how you dress that its a problem.

Puffy nipples are a definite sign of gyne - could mean somethings pushing them out, but without pictures its hard to say. As much advice as there is, for true gyne, surgery is the option.

as for doing excercise - this may also have the reverse effect, and push the mass out, making it more apparent. If it bothers you that much, then i suggest seeing a PS about it. If it doesnt, then who cares? count yourself as a lucky bastard for not having it bad  8)

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Well put Makemesad but, I think a little excercise, diet, weightlifting etc. wouldn't be bad at all. Use light weights on the chest. Light weights and more reps toning your body in the long run looks better than not. Heavy weights building muscle decline/incline benching heavy weights would push out the gyne. Cardio, jogging, etc. Great for you. You may have a little fat in with the gland. It may reduce the size a little if you do light toning weight lifting, diet, and cardio. Might not depending on your case nothing could change. It is definetely worth a try. Try this if you haven't for a while like 3-6 weeks. That is usually how long it takes to make a significant enough change. If no help or very little if it bothers you see a Plastic Surgeon. Yours sounds definetely like mostly glandular tissue most likely causing your puffies. There may be a bit of fat and usually is a small amount of excess fat or possilby more than you think. So first try what I said. In your case though don't do any heavy chest excercises. Like you said you do not want to push the gland out any further. Toning though would definetely mean an improvement. Looks better and you feel better. So if it is still a problem then see the Surgeon. Take care of this if it bothers you and then enjoy your life to the fullest. Do something about it and since it bothers you that is the best thing to do. I am guessing though the weight, cardio, and diet will help at least a little but, I am totally thinking it probably won't be the 100% cure. But, it will get you further along to the cure. You kinda got to do what you can do before you suggest or get surgery. I tried every method and now surgery is my only chance. Good luck and think about it do something now keep going spend 3-6 weeks doing some training. Then go see a PS or you GP and eventually work your way to the surgery and before you know it you will get there. Also if you are impatient and want something to help you deal with it until you can cure it if you want go to and order a #997 compression vest and wear it until you can get your surgery. I will be ordering one soon because it will be helpful before and after surgery. Good luck man and hopefully all goes well for ya.

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At your age, it is possible that you may have a couple of years for the breasts to diminish. It is also possible that you have physically matured to the point where you are destined to keep what you have unless you have them surgically removed.

If you are seriously obese, weight loss may be a great help, otherwise it probably will make little difference.

Exercise is great because it will contribute to better health and self image. unfortunately, exercise will have little to no effect on the Gynecomastia.

A visit to the Doctor is in order.  Hormone tests may be able to determine your relative physical maturity.  another way might be a set of X-Rays to determine your "Bone Age".

It would be foolish to consider surgery if you still have some maturing to do.  Conversely, there would be no point in stalling if the tests show you to be well matured.

There are coping strategies which you will read here from time to time.  the vests and multiple layers of clothing have one thing in common, none of them are really comfortable in warm weather when they are most needed.  If I wear only a tee shirt, you can tell it from a half block away.  I do it anyway.  Anyone who has a problem with that has my sympathy, but the problem is theirs not mine.

A large number of men are able to cope with having Gynecomastia.  The surgery has only been available for about 20 years and I am 68 years old.

By the time the surgery was available, I had more important things to worry about.

The most important strategy for coping is to work on your self image.  What is going on between your ears is much more important than a bit of surplus tissue on your chest.

Do not allow anyone to influence you in a big way.  The decision is yours alone to make and to live with.

Good luck
Grandpa Dan


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