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Just want to say whats up to everyone, just joined today. I got a question or two but I'll give you some info about myself first.  Im 21, 6ft, 185lb and you guessed it, I got "man boobs" and puffy nipples.  

I suppose 185 might not be considered overweight but by no means am I in shape and I still have rolls. I haven't always been height/weight purportional.  As a young child I wasn't overweight at all, healthy as could be. Starting around 3rd grade, I started progessively getting a little more overweight for my age and it all went downhill from there. By jr high I was 30-40lb overweight and the "boobs" had reared their ugly selvs.
Being overweight and hitting puberty I was getting hit with a double whammy.

Well as the years rocked on I kept getting fatter and fatter for my age. Until by the time I was 16-18 years old I peaked out weighing 220-230lb then from 19-21 Ive been gradually dropping the weight, which I found unusual because most of the people I graduated with have packed on 10-15lb since HS. But anyway the "boobs" after all these years haven't got bigger or smaller despite losing some weight. They aren't even a "A" cup but noticeable enough to draw a few smart a** comments.  And I've finally decided I AM gonna do something about them. They cause me severe mental anguish, I withdraw away from everyone, Im scared to death to go out in public espcially if it's somewhere where lots of hot females will be present (You couldn't melt and pour me into hooters.). And if I do have to interact with females, my flawed body image will almost completley shut my body and mind down. To the point I can barely think or speak because Im so consumed with the fear of them laughing it up as soon as I turn my back.

The guys laughing at you about it is one thing. But when you have girls laughing at you because of it, they might as well of shot me in the dome cause it cuts deep, real deep.  I dont want to be this way any more I used to be a kind, outgoing, extremely talkative person. Now Im not a pleasant person to say the least.

I apologize if this was a little long and rambling but I needed to get some of this off my chest. ;D ::) If you took the time to read it all, you down with me 8).

Here's my queries and by no means am I expecting expert advice.  

The "boobs" like I said earlier dont get bigger or smaller and aren't sensitive. Is it more likely that my "boobs" have more to do with being overweight, gynecomastia or both?  

Will doing pushup's help reduce their size? I dont have a gym membership or weights so what exercises can I do at home to help get rid of them?

I also read on here that the use of Cannabis may also be a contributing factor in causing "man boobs". This really intrigued me, I can wrap my mind around the concept that THC could potentially alter some hormones. But causing "man boobs" ??? I cant grasp that. All of my friends smoke and have been for awhile, their all between 17-25, 130-160lb and haven't ever been overweight and they smoke me under the table and none of them have any "man boobs". And I already had "man boobs" from the start so I would like if someone has experience in this area please enlighten me or send me in the direction of more information.


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Usually, you will have some Gland growing through fat. If the issue is only fat, woeght loss alone might be helpful. glandular tissue would be unaffected by weight loss.

There are no exercises which will make a significant change in most of us.

A small amount of testosterone is changed into estrogen and this conversion takes place in the fat cells. Excessive weight can increase this conversion and so can THC from the marijuana. As you have observed,we are all different and our reaction to the marijuana will not be the same for all of us.  

My experience has been that the gals are not too impressed and my Gynecomastia has never been an issue with the women in my life.
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Your post is very heartfelt. I can totally relate.  

I'm 39 and have had pretty much the same experience: around 3rd grade started getting heavier, till my teens at 215lb and then lost it all and have maintained a normal 175-185 weight (I'm 6') ever since.

Unfortunately, my "man boobs" have remained.  I've tried it all from starvation to extreme exercise and weightlifting...and nothing has worked.  I'm currently contemplating surgery.  

Hope this doesn't depress you.  One thing, I think we see it worse than others actually do.  We're our own worst enemy.

Best of luck...

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Paaw paw,  I think I understand now about the THC. I knew that it stored up in fat cells, but the possibility of it being a contributing factor in the "moobs" staying around never crossed my mind until I found this site. But I do see how it could if you have more fat cells than the average person.  

I wish I could say the "moobs" haven't been an issue with women, just by your user name I assume your an older guy. Older women are way way kinder than their counter parts. In the land of trying to date young women with the way most act, you would think the human race has sunk back into relying on animal survival instincts alone. If your not 110% perfect or have boat loads of $$$, your not good enough for them.

wbrooks-  No the thought of surgery does not depress me in the least. I want to try to get down to about 160-165lb because even at 185lb I still have a lot of body fat. If they dont go away after that then I would be 200% in favor of getting surgery. Id cut into them right now if I thought it would help, but I know Id end up worse off than what I was before.

thanks for your posts guys.


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