Author Topic: Plastic surgery and risk of catching diseases such as Aids?  (Read 1517 times)

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Plastic surgery attracts many types.

Most on this forum are probably regular guys who just want to look normal and not trying to do anything crazy.

Plastic surgery such as you may see on TV show  tip/tuck probably attracts a lot of crazy or people in high risk of aids.

Porn stars, strippers, prostitutes, transgenders.

I work with many transgender patients who need hormones to change their body.  For many, the hormones can change body fat patterns.  For others, liposuction can help with localized fat distribution issues. Plastic Surgery can then deal with other issues of contour.
-Dr Bermant.

My question is what things involved in correct surgery for gynecomastia are reused on people and what is disposable? 

For example, are the same cannula used on a transgenders with aids, also used on a regular guy trying to correct gynecomastia or are they disposable and a new tip used for each surgery?

What are the chances of contracting something during this procedure?

I read in NV, there was a clinic where many people got aids because they reused the same needles or something.

I think this might be something that everyone is wondering.


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Dude this site is a massive paranoia experience don't worry about any stuff like that.  99.9% of it is mental that is why all these guys who have had surgery are un happy the insecurity is in your mind not on your body.


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