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My gynecomastia increased due to varying factors, hypogonadism, aromatized estradiol from prescribed  androgel given that no estrogen managment regime was started initially etc

I had an ultra sound and the relevant doctor said it was "all fat" and was probably dues to my weight.

However my weight has increased this year due to ill health, last year I was running upwards of 20miles a week and I didn't have a pick on me, yet not only was the gynecomastia there but also it increased during my initial poorly implemented hypogonadism treatment.

So I found the diagnosis totally implausable.

I even remember many years ago after chemotherapy that I developed the typical marble feel in the chest area.

I know that most of the top surgeons do not use ultra sound for diagonstic purposes, which makes me think that it is not as an effective tool as I was led to believe.

I would seriously welcome Dr Bs imput on this question so I am going to put this same question again in a new thread.  

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My doctor looked at my ultrasound scans and told me that it was all fat also, but I am certain i can feel a gland in there.


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