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5 Months after my previous gynecomastia surgery, my surgeon was not happy with the results. Free of charge, he decided to take out more residual tissue. It has now been 5 weeks, and my right nipple is slightly inverted, and my left is puffy as ever. I understand that healing takes 3-6 months, but I've been down this road before and I don't see any thing drastic changing. This is getting very discouraging, now having to wait another 5-6 months to consider another surgery. I saw my surgeon the other day and he said there is a fine line with how about gland he can take out. It does feel empty under my areolas, however both sides are puffy. Any advice, would be appreciated.  Both surgeries were LIPO+EXCISION


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No way to tell at this point -- it is only 5 weeks after surgery and there is still some swelling to deal with.

Wearing a compression garment can be of help -- the longer the better.

And then be patient.  By 4-6 months you should have a better idea of the success of this latest surgery.  If it is not to your satisfaction, then consider an opinion with a different gyne specialist.

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Update: I want to continue to update people with my progress

Went to surgeon today, he said not much gland is left in there.

He also said they were not this puffy right after surgery. 2 days after surgery, I do remember them being slightly puffy but it was hard to tell because they had steri strips on them.  He said there is still some swelling. Time will tell, its been 6 weeks going on 7, I will continue to update on my progress.


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