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I am a 30 year old male, and have slight gyno under one nipple which seems to be around the same size for past few years.  I am quite slim 6' and 13.5 Stone.

It pokes out a bit in the nipple area and is just a gland I am told and about as big as a butter bean I guess.  :-/

First thing is it actually hurts when I squeeze or knock it, is this normal, this is my main reason for getting rid of it.

Under insurance I tried to have it removed by a plastic surgeon but they wouldn't cover it after first consultation as said it wasn't diseased  tissue and my policy didn't cover this, I am with Norwich Union.  I am very disappointed as I really thought this would be covered.  >:(

My question is as I feel my problem isn't that big, is it possible to remove this without surgery? Tamoxifen or other drugs etc? Saw Palmetto? :)

I would appreciate anyones input on this, perhaps it isn't Gyno as I was told just a gland, but this would have be caused by a bout of steroids 15 years ago :(

Here is a photo

Thanks for your input!

ps. worth mentioning a few years ago it died down to almost nothing, but back up again after smoking and drinking which I have now CUT for good!!!
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 From that view i dont really see anything wrong. Maybe try a side picture? I dont see anything that i would say is in need of surgery. However, from your first post you say that it hurts? well if it hurts then its a different story and you do need some medical help. But visually i dont see anything wrong (from that view)

But then again, it looks like your chest is wet like you were just in the shower or something. You shouldnt take a pic after you had water on your chest, especially if it was cold water, since it makes your ''breast area'' look smaller.

Hope that helps :)

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Here are some more pics, as far as I can tell by reading on here it is a gland only behind nipple, the gland does hurt yes only if pressed or squeezed, but was told by doctor that this can happen with glands in this area.

Here are two more pics, from other angles.  I was told it was gyno by plastic surgeon who looked at it.

My interest is getting shot of it with Drugs rather than expensive surgery (seeing as my insurance let me down)

Best way to explain it is feels like I got an M&M behind my nipple, but no fat and it hurts when I squeeze it like a gland would in your neck say.

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a good begenning is to get an urgent ultrasound scan on it to identify the nature of the swelling. depending on the result of that, further investigations will be planned.
an experienced clinician/surgeon can determine the nature of the swelling by clinical examination, but an ultrasound is mandatory +/- mammogram.
Should this prove to be early gynecomastia, an endocrine work up, liver and kidney function test would maybe be done,history of alcohol and drug intake will also be enquired about,  occasionally even genetic testing is done, this all depend on the history and examination finding.
no need to panic at all, just go and seek help.
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Here in UK you can't just go and get mamograms and scans like that..

Basically doctor said it was Gyno, plastic surgeon said it was Gyno and thats it as far as they concerned.

I just wanna get shot of it.

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Rumour on the board is, only way to eliminate gland is through surgery.

There is a new supplement called Rebound XT that is getting hyped as able to eliminate minor glandular gynecomastia, but no guarantees on that..

Also something called Andractim which you can only order through I think.  This apparently works for some people as well..

Otherwise take a lot of zinc and hope for the best!

There is no guaranteed solution though...
Not yet anyways.

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My advice would be to go back to your GP and get your hormones checked.  Better still get a referral to an Endocrinologist.  Free on the NHS of course.  Do not self medicate with any drugs .. it could complicate and delay any investigations.  As you will know Gyne is caused by an imbalance in Testosterone to Oestrogen resulting in the growth of the breast gland.  Now the imbalance that caused your Gyne has probably settled.  If you are thinking of getting rid of your Gyne without surgery then I would say take advice from a decent Endocrinologist.  He or she will look at the results of your hormone tests and know if any drugs can help.  I say again .. do not self medicate .. talk to an Endo before considering any drugs.  Your GP will probably not have the experience or knowledge of treating Gyne with drugs.

I speak from experience .. my GP in his ignorance prescribed Tamoxifen and frankly it put me back 9 months.  When I saw an Endo he took me off it for 3 months before he would even run blood tests because the Tamoxifen had distorted my natural hormone levels.

Good luck mate .. and keep us posted eh?
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