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It has been noticed that many people register , ask a few questions (just as brown mentioned) and they are never seen on the site again. I would request the moderateor to make at least the email address viewable. that way there is a higher probability of other people ettin in touch with each even if theystop visiting this site.

But we cant force people to help. They have to take initiative.


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Some people might not be comfortable sharing their email address (I think it's an option). As an improvement I'd suggest that the admin enables email notifications for every received message by default (currently you can enable them, but they're disabled by default)

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this is a good point...but I can totally see how someone would want to rid the entire experience from there life and just move on. That is why a lot do not stay and help...they don't want to be reminded of it AT ALL.

I assume I'll still be around after my op, but it probably will not be every day like it is now. I'd just stop in twice a week or so to see if I had any detrimental advice to give.

(it would be nice if more stuck around though... fukkers)  :P

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I participate in other messageboards unrelated to gynecomastia and have for years, but with this messageboard...I really don't know how much I can contribute. After all, I am not an expert at gnecomastia, and I really can only share my own experiences with it, which is probably pretty familiar to most of you already, since I assume that all of us posters suffer from man boobs.

Some posters here may be plastic surgeons or have researched gencomastia extensively and know about lots of surgeons, but I think a lot of people out there may just be as clueless as I am. That would seem to me to really limit how much someone like myself could contribute to this board.

I certainly will try to participate, but I don't want to just make posts for the sake of making posts. I just discovered this board less than a week ago and posted photos and some questions, but I don't know how much more I have to offer at this point.

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i bet a lot of it is many people have their name as part of their addy and don't want that visibly connected to gyne.  remember these pages are subject to google and other search engines, not everyone wants to pop up in the results.  

i have a non-name email too, but i check it less regularly.  
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