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Well, everything is settled and I've got surgery scheduled for Thursday. I'm going to see Dr. Ned Snyder here in Austin and he is going to perform and excision for the gland removal and liposuction for removal of the fat.

I was able to get the insurance to cover the excision and all facility and anesthesia charges, even for the lipo. The only thing that wasn't covered were they surgeon's charges for the liposuction part of the procedure.

I am a little bit fearful of the smallest thing about the surgery: the IV. I know it sounds ridiculous. Up until two weeks ago, needles didn't bother me, but I had a bad experience with a nurse when she drew blood and I didn't respond well at all.

I'm excited about the surgery! I'll be sure to post pre op pics when I get them taken on Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone on this board for your help through this process!
Liposuction and Excision of fat and glandular tissue
Performed by Dr. Ned Snyder in Austin, Texas
June 8, 2006
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Good luck man...stay confidant, it wont become painfull until a day or so after the op (the lipo part brings the pain, but luckily they give u drugs!) The hardest part of the whole surgery is the healing get very VERY anxious to see results, but be PATIENT. Remember that you prolly have had this for quite some time now so dont rush the healing process. Its one month, im sure u can go another month! Dont do anything your doctor doesnt advise and be glad you have insurance help! Most of us didnt get any  >:(
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